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Donald Friedman, CEO
Today, Business Intelligence is the top ranked priority for CIOs. The main source of the critical business data used for reporting and analytics are the ERP systems but the data is not easily accessed. In fact, users spend more time finding and organizing the data then actually analyzing it. Enterprise customers seeking to analyze ERP data have typically turned to data warehouse vendors that provide a central repository for the data. The customer, however, must populate the data warehouse with data in a consistent, structured, and normalized manner before it can be analyzed. Most companies perform this function using in-house or third party systems integration services but it is a nontrivial task. These development projects incur high costs, long lead times and substantial risk with low degrees of success.

Saying Goodbye to Expensive and Risky BI Development Projects

Customers used to write their own applications inspite of the fact that it was an expensive and risky proposition because there were few alternatives. Now there are a multitude of package applications and customers now prefer to buy applications rather then develop their own. The same analogy applies to organizing data. Replacing the need for conventional development projects with a pre-built analytic platform that is recognized by Gartner and other leading industry analysts as the market’s premier automated data organization product is Datalytics’ analytic software platform, RapidDecision.

Datalytics Technologies is a privately held software company located in Cheshire, CT. Datalytics Technologies has worked directly with leading businesses worldwide, helping them stay abreast of the latest data warehouse technologies. The company has a deep knowledge and expertise in Oracle ERP systems (JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and eBusiness Suite), SAP ECC, data warehousing and business intelligence.
The firm specializes in developing leading-edge enterprise data warehouse solutions designed to solve a pressing challenge faced by most organizations: how to organize and manage massive volumes of hard- to-understand data trapped in disparate systems.

“Driven by a single purpose to give companies the ability to access this critical business information, our innovative solution – RapidDecision – is simply a better way to bridge the gap between the data sources and BI tools. BI can improve all aspects of your business – allowing you to reduce DSO, analyze product or customer profitability, assess supplier performance, and more and RapidDecision dramatically improves the time to value and lowers the overall BI project risk,” says Donald Friedman, CEO of the firm.

The Secret in Their Product

Their software RapidDecision is installed at over 50 Fortune 500, large and mid-sized accounts, including Amway, Virginia Department of Transportation, UTC Aerospace, and Ford. The firm’s platform automatically consolidates and organizes data from one or more of the most popular ERP and other data sources in a unified data model for reporting and analytics. Furthermore it organizes 100 percent of transactional data for analytics versus a subset and facilitates analysis across functional data silos. The product also provides continuous data updates without affecting the network and production system performance, can be implemented in as little as 10 days per subject area and offers the industry’s only guaranteed complete fixed-fee implementation. Lastly it readily integrates to the most commonly used reporting and analytics products.

Data like organizations often exists in silos on disparate ERP systems making it difficult for customers to obtain a consolidated enterprise perspective. “Our product, RapidDecision, stands out in its ability to consolidate and organize data from one or more Oracle ERP systems in a single unified data model. This provides customers the ability to get a comprehensive view of their business”, adds Donald.

Datalytics Technologies

Cheshire, CT

Donald Friedman, CEO

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