DataMotion: Enabling the Secure Exchange of Electronic Health Records

Bob Janacek, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
With the growing adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR), the healthcare industry is poised for enormous change (for the good) in the next few years. Almost every aspect of a healthcare provider’s operations and that of its partners stands to benefit from the improved information sharing the records allow. Internal processes can be automated and accelerated, paperwork with insurers can be reduced, billing can be faster and most importantly patient care can improve.
Unfortunately, there are major obstacles that are preventing organizations from realizing these benefits. While medical information within an EHR system can be accessed easily, its secure exchange is plagued by interoperability issues. Different vendor solutions and systems typically do not work well together.
Motivated by these challenges, Bob Janacek, the Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder of DataMotion, and his DataMotion team are applying their 15 years of experience gained by providing secure messaging to thousands of organizations and millions of users. DataMotion offers solutions that increase interoperability, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, all while mitigating the security and compliance risks associated with exchanging sensitive health data.

Headquartered in Florham Park, NJ, DataMotion provides a variety of ways to exchange private health information (PHI) in a secure and compliant way. The company’s SaaS platform provides Direct Secure Messaging, email encryption, and secure file transfer solutions for unified data delivery. Built upon one platform, all DataMotion products and services—SecureMail, SecureFileTransfer, SecureContact, SecureForms and DataMotion™ Direct—share the same core architecture, and interconnect with each other to provide a powerful, simplified approach to an organization’s data transfer needs. Hosted in a private or public cloud, or available as a service, their solutions help organizations increase compliance and control,while reducing the cost and complexity of delivering data.

These services have use in other industries (financial services, for example). However, the company’s newest service is exclusively built for the healthcare sector.
DataMotion Direct is a standards-based secure messaging service for sharing medical records with patients, providers, business associates, clinical systems and other Direct messaging providers. Its EHNAC-accredited service enables Meaningful Use (MU2) attestation through transparent integration with EHR/ EMR systems, making workflow simple for users.

DataMotion also provisions Direct addresses for acute and ambulatory providers to get them up and running quickly. “Our secure platform integrates into the messaging systems of leading EHR systems such as Epic and MEDITECH, so users can get their work done quickly,” says Mr. Janacek. “This transparent, easy integration is why 40 separate EHR vendors have chosen to embed DataMotion Direct into their products for Meaningful Use certification.”

Our secure messaging integrates into the leading EHR systems so users can get their work done quickly

For care providers that do not use an EHR system, such as those in behavioral health services, long term care or visiting nurse services, the company provides a community web portal. This allows these providers to easily participate in the Direct message exchange. They can even view C-CDA transition of care documents generated by partner EHR systems, a key measure for Meaningful Use (MU2) attention. Adding to the ease of use and flexibility of the offering, DataMotion mobile support allows the use of tablets and smartphones to send and receive Direct messages.

Given the dynamic nature of the healthcare field, the constant introduction of new use cases for the secure exchange of information and the need for easy to use solutions, DataMotion is not standing put. “We are heavily focused on upgrading our existing solutions, along with training our service and support workforce, because at the end of the day those are just as important as having a good technology platform empowering our customers’ success,” concludes Mr. Janacek.


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Bob Janacek, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

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