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Martin Blumenau, Managing Partners
With the changing business dynamics, organizations are harnessing the power of data visualization to access business intelligence and data analytics in eye-catching and easy-to-understand formats. However, organizations often face challenges to visualize the amount of meaningful data, maintain a balance between in-depth information and focus on the most relevant metrics. “While the current tools creating extensive dashboards have helped organizations for fast and easy data visualization, enterprises often face difficulties while navigating through the charts and tables created by different users and departments,” begins Martin Blumenau, Managing Partner of Datapine. In such a scenario, data visualization software not only needs to include the professional visualization of relationships and trends on interactive dashboards but also must be able to automatically point the user’s attention to important developments in business operations. Guiding enterprises through the jungle of data, Datapine offers an easy way to combine data from different sources, and allow users notice unexpected changes in relationships, trends, or patterns. “We have developed an intelligent algorithm based on neutral networks that automatically detects unexpected events in our customers’ data and informs them accordingly,” he adds.

Datapine empowers organizations to run cross-database queries. This innovative approach avoids the need of building a data warehouse which usually comes with high costs and implementation time. “Our intuitive self-service interface empowers our users to access, explore, visualize and share data within a few clicks,” states Blumenau.

Datapine acts as a centralized data hub that brings together relevant data from different sources in a lean and flexible environment. The software eliminates complex data modeling, and the need to set up a heavy and critical ETL process, while reducing implementation time and resources. Datapine democratizes data access by providing an easy-to-use user interface that simplifies the analytical process to a level that allows employees to browse through the data and generate the required insights as a basis for informed decision making.

Our intuitive self-service interface empowers our users to access, explore, visualize and share data within a few clicks

One of Datapine’s core areas is the easy integration of embedded dashboards in third party applications. “We have developed an easy way to quickly authenticate and share information, which reduces the overall implementation time to few hours,” says Blumenau. Through this authentication process Datapine can adopt the user management guidelines of the external application and automatically populate the dashboards with user-specific content.

The company differentiates itself with its enterprise-class easy-to-use software. Even non-technical users can use Datapine and build reports and make ad-hoc analyses. Furthermore, Datapine’s SaaS infrastructure empowers organizations to create dashboards in much less time, with no maintenance and faster update cycles. For instance, Datapine was introduced to the whole EMEA key account sales team of a stock-listed European manufacturing company. “We connected to the central SAP system while running queries in SAP BW installed on the customer servers. Our SAP live connector allows us to connect to SAP BW environment and generate the first charts in less than a day,” he adds.

Forging ahead, Datapine aims to leverage the ability of a human to work with data by using artificial intelligence to provide additional information that an average user would not be able to generate on his own. “This core will make most modules of our tool more intelligent and significantly increase the value that can be generated by using data visualization software,” concludes Blumenau.

datapine GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Martin Blumenau, Managing Partners and Jakob Rehermann, Managing Partners

Develops highly scalable SaaS tool that revolutionizes the way of performing database analysis by making even complex functionalities available to non-technical persons

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