DataSense Solutions: Unlocking the Power and Value of Information

Gary Bernstein, President
Data is paramount to every business and forms the crux of the management of resources, work processes and finances. However, an ever-evolving and competitive business landscape often brings surprises, challenges and opportunities. Companies need to strive relentlessly to find new data processing methodologies, analytical insights and solutions to meet customer needs and achieve their business goals. “Every business has data that needs to be organized, analyzed, presented and shared,” says Gary Bernstein, President of DataSense Solutions—a leading SAP Gold Partner based in Massachusetts. “At DataSense, we empower businesses with best-in-class and affordable SAP business intelligence and data warehouse solutions for improved business decision making. We help companies transform their data into actionable information allowing them to boost productivity, curtail wasteful expenditures and increase profits,” explains Bernstein. DataSense’s SAP based Analytics portfolio encompasses the Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouse (DW), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions catering to the needs of large and small customers from an array of industries including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail and banking. This software is aligned to support both the short-term tactical and long-term strategic initiatives of an enterprise. DataSense also provides services ranging from helping clients evaluate and choose the optimal tools for their business needs to full implementation of solutions, including enterprise software installation, configuration and optimization, as well as the creation of analytical content like dashboards and reports. “Our partnership with customers at an executive level helps us coordinate their investments in software licenses and services to maximize business and financial benefits,” adds Bernstein. “We have embraced SAP HANA, cloud, Big Data and mobile technology and offer a robust architecture and security review service, migration/upgrade assessments, system optimization, custom development and best practice recommendations.”

Over 18 years DataSense has performed dozens of successful BI and DW implementations and has trained thousands of users on how to use and benefit from their BI environments.
DataSense believes that honest communication is the key behind their success.

“We believe in being transparent and giving our customers realistic insights on how a technology implementation can solve issues and walk them through the entire process,” says Bernstein. “Our team of skilled consultants, all of whom have extensive business and technical experience and knowledge of working on BI projects play a pivotal role in empowering clients’ resources during and after implementation through training and mentoring,” he adds.

Our partnership with customers at an executive level helps us to coordinate their investments on software licenses and services that maximize business and financial benefits

Once, a regional community health network that supports ten Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) engaged DataSense so it could implement a BI and DW solution that will provide secure access to a number of dynamic, operational, regulatory and quality reports. The firm architected, developed, and implemented a data warehouse and configured a fully integrated SAP BI reporting environment that allowed the client to collect and conform data from a number of disparate EMR and PM systems. With the centralized database and powerful reporting tools, the health network was able to empower member organizations with self-service reporting while allowing the health network to support in-depth requests for individual providers, monitor data integrity, perform cross organization comparisons and prepare operational metrics and dashboards.

The success stories of DataSense Solutions stand as a testament to its ability to help organizations optimize and maximize their investment with SAP Analytics tools and solutions.

DataSense Solutions

Waltham, MA

Gary Bernstein, President

Provides BI and DW solutions that help companies turn data into actionable information.