DataSkill: Cognitive Insights Create Smarter Organizations

Nigel Hook, Founder and CEO
With a vast knowledge of relational databases and artificial intelligence acquired during his college days at Staffordshire University, U.K., Nigel Hook founded DataSkill in 1981. From using the structured data out of client’s legacy systems to help make better business decisions, DataSkill, over time has evolved to address the Big Data challenges of today that includes gathering, storing and processing the unstructured data from voice, email, web, written documents and others.

The company is offering ACUMI, an end to end Big Data Analytics solution for discovering new insights with unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities that will transform critical information from various sources (both structured and unstructured data) into insightful predictive analytics that will improve business outcomes.

Our solutions drive actionable insights and ensure information is linked to decision-making to unlock its maximum value

“If we take an example from the healthcare sector, hospitals are being fed boat loads of data each day through EMR readouts and other sources, but many times, that data is not as valuable as the doctors’ notes,” says Hook. “If a hospital had a tool that could intercept a doctor’s notes, transcribe them, and then extract knowledge out of that text, they would have more valuable information at their fingertips,” he adds. For this purpose, DataSkill has partnered with IBM to synthesize vast amount of data and then analyze it to help doctors give better advice and insights to patients. With DataSkill’s “Ready for Watson” project the company utilizes IBM Watson Content Analytics and Natural Language Processing to help physicians find evidence from thousands of journals and research papers or similar cases and recommend diagnosis and treatment ranked in order of confidence, in near real time.
“Our partnership with IBM offers a competitive edge over similar players in the sector,” says Hook.

The company’s unique solutions reduce administrative costs and readmissions due to missed opportunities for more refined care, and hospitals can reduce their budget expenses by as much as 30 to 40 percent. DataSkill also helps to reduce fraud and reform the revenue cycle, growing customer loyalty to improve renewal rates and expansion opportunities as well as helps companies to understand how to retain their top talent and keeping their attrition rates low.

The transformational solutions have gained DataSkill global clientele including both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies operating in various verticals like life sciences, healthcare, retail, financial services, and the public sector. Amazon, FedEx, Invitrogen, Qualcomm, Smart & Final, Union Bank of California, U.S. Navy and WalMart are some majors on the list.

The company is partnering with Malaysia to deploy a strategic healthcare solution that will deliver on their vision for population-based Patient Care and Insights in the cloud. DataSkill’s solution is comprised of software, subject matter expertise, technical and implementation experience all the while offering skills for bi-directional information exchange and connectivity, care plan optimization across the medical community and web-enabled advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Going forward, DataSkill will continue the development and enhancement of the ACUMI product. The company’s mission is to provide game changing cloud solutions which understand and interpret all sources of data into actionable data that optimizes business outcomes. This will include expanding the targeted solutions within each vertical and continuing to research other industries and target markets that could also benefit from ACUMI.


San Diego, CA

Nigel Hook, Founder and CEO

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