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Steve Dine, Managing Partner
It is astounding to note that about eight million students miss about a month of school every year. Given these alarming statistics, it is of equal concern that the affected students are the ones that are often prone to drug and alcohol use, suspension, dropping out, teen pregnancy, and crime. Witnessing this grave situation, educational institutions are deploying numerous solutions that improve interventions aimed at tackling chronic absenteeism. However, the impact of these chronic absenteeism interventions is still uncertain as streamlining and analyzing the interventions of all of the students is easier said than done. What refined tactics should schools employ for effective chronic absenteeism intervention management? “Our one-stop-shop solution assists schools in gaining a comprehensive overview of all the interventions by pulling out relevant data in real-time just with a click of a button,” begins Joanna Smith, CEO of AllHere.

AllHere is on a purposeful mission to accelerate the rate of attendance in schools. The company’s highly scalable intervention management solution streamlines and analyses the interventions by combining the interventions data and absentees’ data. The AllHere team assists the clients in assessing the outcomes and acquiring meaningful and actionable evidence, ensuring effective intervention management.

AllHere’s namesake cloud-based solution helps schools to plan, build, share, manage, and evaluate the impact of chronic absenteeism intervention. “The solution automates a wide range of reports based on district, grade, classroom, and school levels to identify mentor-mentee pairings that need attention, saving school leaders, mentors, and districts significant time,” says Joanna. Furthermore, AllHere’s platform enables schools to extract specific intervention strategies that have a positive impact on chronic absenteeism students. “Our platform promotes faster and better results, takes the data of chronic absentees, and translates them into a very scalable framework using technology—paving a better future for students,” states Joanna. The customizable solution also empowers schools to choose their own attendance campaign from 400 templates. For instance, one of their partners requested for a template that automatically reminds the absentees families of how absences add up, and another client wanted to acknowledge parents’ efforts and send positive messages to them. AllHere empowers them all.

In the midst of firms who are just claiming that they have made an impact, AllHere has rescued almost 47 percent of students from chronic absenteeism

In the midst of firms who are claiming that they have made an impact, “AllHere has rescued almost 47 percent of students from chronic absenteeism,” extols Joanna. Quoting an example, Joanna mentions one of their partners, Boston Public Schools, was struggling to identify whether all chronically absent students were being supported at the right time with the right support, and in determining the impact of their strategy. However, this dilemma was totally undone when AllHere joined forces with the district. By creating a library of interventions, AllHere enabled schools to discover and use interventions from a standardized and proven list. With AllHere’s entry, the Boston Public School benefited in three main areas. Firstly, they got a clear picture of all the interventions used throughout the school systems. Secondly, AllHere’s extensive data also helped in relatively assessing the impact of most interventions and providing relevant data to stakeholders, reducing chronic absence. Finally, AllHere ensured that each participating school takes instant action to offer the right support to the right student by leveraging all the data capabilities.

AllHere uses every single student-related data to scale up attendance efforts and deliver better outcomes for schools. Their unwavering commitment to eradicating chronic absenteeism has not gone unnoticed. The company is being continuously applauded by their partners for reducing chronic absentees. “We are constantly collaborating with our partners to completely eradicate chronic absenteeism until we are left with the situation, ‘Hey, we have fixed this chronic absenteeism what’s next?’” concludes Joanna.

Datasource Consulting

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Steve Dine, Managing Partner

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