Datasparc: Bringing Robust Security into Data Access and Management

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Manish Shah, Founder and CEO of Datasparc
Imagine you are the database administrator for a large enterprise. You get a request to grant access to certain employee information. As the admin, you have that information in your database, which is residing in the cloud. As a next step, you will create a new user id, using which the person can log into the database and access the required information. The whole scenario sounds ideal until you consider the security aspect. With access to the entire schema or table in the database, you are giving the user substantially more information than what he requested for, and more importantly, has the privilege to. This is a significant compromise, from both a security standpoint and an administrative one.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Datasparc is bringing a unique solution that can address such multifaceted challenges associated with secure access and management of data. ”What we are providing is zero trust, meaning that as a user, you start with zero trust. We will give access to only what you need. Nothing more, nothing less,” says Manish Shah, Founder, and CEO of Datasparc.

The company’s proprietary web-based product, DBHawk, is a database management and data security tool that provides access to data residing across databases hosted on cloud or on-premise with central security. By replacing client-server tools with the web-based tool from Datasparc, clients get a unique solution that can support a large number of users as well as provide secure access to any database ecosystem, be it Oracle, MongoDB or Redshift. The solution also comes with powerful integration with Okta, which will help enterprises to manage user authentication and authorization for data access through a single identity provider.

Datasparc’s solution fits well into the enterprise ecosystem today, where 75% of all databases will be deployed on the cloud by 2022, with only a minority running on-premise. Despite the fact, people need to access their data continually, and there cannot be a tradeoff between security and usability. “There is no mechanism available today to give precise, secure access to what a user needs,” says Manish. Datasparc is filling this gap.

DBHawk authenticates and authorizes the right user for the right job. It also allows database administrators to create various data policies; for example, giving access to one user, where the access duration can be preset.
While these features take away the security concerns, as a web-based tool, DBHawk also logs and tracks all activities—whenever a user runs a query against the database. This is very useful in discovering what data is being accessed, login location, and the user behavior. It also facilitates robust auditing capabilities, allowing enterprises to make good use of the audit log for improving their internal security posture.

What we are providing is zero trust data access, meaning that as a user, you start with zero trust. We will give data access only to what you need. Nothing more, nothing less

Clients across different industries—from banking and insurance to healthcare—are using Datasparc’s solution to seamlessly comply with many data protection regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. Datasparc provides them with end-to-end services, from gathering the requirements and developing POCs, to ensuring that clients get the versatile database management tool in their infrastructure— whether it is on-premise, on cloud or hybrid. The highly configurable tool is capable of integrating Okta, active directory, and LDAP. For clients that have custom internal tools, Datasparc offers APIs for integration. With the release of its SaaS solution this year, Datasparc is further extending the capabilities of its proprietary solution.

Datasparc’s prowess in the realm of secure access and management of data is majorly credited to its origin as a data analytics solution provider. DBHawk’s advanced data analytics capabilities—from intuitive information charts to dashboard features—complements the security features of the solution.

Going forward, Datasparc envisions having a deeper focus on data security, and as such, the company is planning to integrate AI and machine learning into the data they collect. The objective is to gain more insights on how users are using their privileged access, which can then be utilized to alert and provide notifications for improving clients’ security posture. The ultimate goal for Datasparc is to be a beacon of secure data access and management solutions that employ predictive analytics for best outcomes.


San Diego, CA

Manish Shah, Founder and CEO of Datasparc

Datasparc offers data security, database management, data governance and data analytics - all in one solution. With Datasparc's flagship product DBHawk, users only receive access to the data they need. DBHawk provides secure access to on-premise and cloud databases. DBHawk supports a wide array of SQL and NoSQL databases, including AWS Athena, Amazon Redshift, Cassandra, Greenplum, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Hana, and Teradata. DBHawk integrates with SAML, LDAP, SSO, and OKTA. Its comprehensive object access control policy and auditing features allow logging all database activities, making it ideal for organizations seeking to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA