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Dr. Amy Shi-Nash, Chief Data Science Officer
With the explosion of tablets and smartphones, businesses are progressively developing context-aware services to personalize their offerings for consumers. Marketers, on the other hand are paying more attention to the geo-spatial data on a macro level to glean better insights on what drives customer behaviour during different periods of the day at different locations. However, the scarcity of research that goes into the implementation of geoinformation technology on consumer behaviour is preventing businesses from leveraging its full potential. “We created an innovative way of understanding people and what is important to them, by leveraging the advanced data science and the wealth of data in an aggregated manner adhering to high standards of data privacy. The insights can help businesses and organisations to make more informed decisions, and serve their customers with more relevant products and better experience,” delineates Dr. Amy Shi-Nash, Chief Data Science Officer at DataSpark.

DataSpark is part of Singtel, a Singapore based telecommunications group with more than 500 million subscribers in 25 countries. DataSpark was incepted to develop advanced analytical capabilities to provide businesses and government agencies with macro level understanding of people, locations, mobility patterns and trends. “We can provide a big picture of the population and the long term behaviour patterns in a timely manner that is critical to many organisations to enrich their understanding of consumer behaviour trends and improve business operations and planning,” adds Amy.

DataSpark uses the geo analytics information to drive a range of innovative data analytics tools, reports and services to help businesses and government agencies make better decisions. For example, transport agencies can measure usage and anticipate congestion levels of undergrounds and roads; and retailers can optimize store operations and promotional events by better understanding shopper profiles and behaviour patterns at malls. Access to such geospatial intelligence helps businesses to see the big picture and make more fact-based decisions, improving efficiency and predictability, and be more relevant to customers.
The company’s proprietary GeoAnalytics platform utilizes anonymised and aggregated data including the number of people visiting a location by age group, gender, and provides inference on where they work and live. It provides a user-friendly web dashboard allowing users to navigate through maps and filters initiatively and visually. “Apart from the visual dashboard, our team of data scientists and professional consultants also provide tailored consulting for our clients or API to another platform,” explains Amy.

The company caters to the government sector with the macro level and long term geo spatial insight for city planning and transportation. The historical trend as well as near realtime movement of the poulation over the entire city or country can help planners to design a better transportation network, taking into account environmental needs and the changing lifestyle patterns of the urban population. Further, geo spatial analytics allows intuitive knowledge about crowd movement to become more factual and quantifiable. With its infusion, sustainable urban planning, including residential, recreational, and healthcare spaces, can become more focused.

Access to geospatial intelligence helping retailers or government agencies make promotional activities more targeted

Moving forward, DataSpark intends to continue their experimentation along with research and development in advanced data science. The company is also looking forward to developing the integrated sources such as mobile, TV, web, social, machine generated, IoT, and open data to further boost their proficiency. “As a data business, we always put strong emphasis on data security and data privacy framework, continously develop our technical competency in trustworthy computing, and provide transparency and control to consumers” concludes Amy.

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Dr. Amy Shi-Nash, Chief Data Science Officer

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