Billy Bosworth, CEO
The growing adoption of cloud-based services is leading to software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) replacing traditional WANs, which are considered to be the nerve center of every organization. A recent study shows that 85 percent of enterprises are contemplating implementing SD-WAN as a solution to the network woes that these traditional WANs present. Enterprise WANs which are generally built using multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) services, tend to route all the backhauled internet traffic from the branch offices through the organization’s corporate data centers, which reduces operational efficiency and application performance and increases network congestion and security risks. This is driving enterprises to look for a more simplified, low-cost networking solution that provides high visibility and SD-WAN comes to rescue as an appealing alternative. SD-WAN simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed, and managed while eliminating MPLS challenges, improving application performance, increasing efficiency and agility, and enhancing network security. Leveraging this best-of-breed technology, Wanify, an SD-WAN provider based in Newport Beach, offers a solution powered by VeloCloud that improves network performance by aggregating multiple connections and routing application traffic based on real-time performance. “Most SD-WAN solution providers out there are inconsistent and fall short in providing the required level of customer support,” begins Nick Prosser, co-founder and CEO, Wanify. “We, however, make this our unique value proposition and provide our customers with personalized care and support and the industry’s best WAN technology at an affordable price.”

Being carrier-agnostic, Wanify’s solution provides zero-touch provisioning and a white glove implementation experience to its clientele. These factors make the solution quite unique in the market. Each customer is assigned a dedicated technical manager who works with them throughout the solution deployment process. “At the end of each of these deployments, we survey the customers and rely on their feedback to fathom where we stand. Based on that, we tweak our service offerings because customer experience is key to us,” adds Prosser. Wanify’s SD-WAN solution also provides complete visibility into the network performance and allows a network to prioritize the connection that best serves the applications running on it. Additionally, the solution also enables businesses to reduce WAN costs, improve the performance of critical business applications, deliver seamless failover, and optimize network traffic. “Our solution empowers us to deliver seamless failover even to the point where, if we are on a voice call and the primary fiber connection is unstable, the call will not be dropped. Rather, it will allow us to carry out real-time automatic failover, without any IT intervention,” adds Brian Robertson, partner at Wanify.

Most SD-WAN solution providers out there are inconsistent and fall short in providing the required level of customer support

Bearing testimony to Wanify’s customer-centric offerings is the company’s success story with a global logistics firm that has over 30 locations globally. The client, who had an MPLS network connecting each of their 30 locations, approached Wanify seeking a cost-effective, flexible solution that provided failover. Wanify’s expertise in SD-WAN enabled the client to extend their WAN perimeter across all of their 30 different geographical locations as well as the cloud applications and achieve high performance. “Implementing our solution also helped reduce their telecommunications cost by 35 percent,” says Robertson.

Over the last year, Wanify has experienced a 200 percent increase in sales and going forward, the company intends to continue maintaining this growth. “We are planning on working with few next-gen technology vendors that provide innovative solutions and add those offerings to our product portfolio. We will also continue to focus on providing excellent customer experiences, which is our core focus,” concludes Prosser.


Santa Clara, CA

Billy Bosworth, CEO

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