Datavail: Storing Customer Data Securely

Mark Perlstein, President & CEO
In today’s data-driven environment, organizations are experiencing tremendous pressure to keep pace with the fast growing economic landscape. This often leads to severe retention issues that affect the health and integrity of the enterprise database environment. In addition, enterprises often face difficulty in migrating from one database to another. This is where Datavail comes in to manage the complete database operation. The firm makes it a fairly simple and seemingly routine process for Database Administration (DBA) experts to perform hundreds of complex database migrations in a seamless and efficient manner.

The company was primarily incepted based on the idea of managing business and supporting databases remotely. “We provide on-demand database solutions from the cloud to data management, and BI/analytics solutions,” extols Mark Perlstein, President and CEO of Datavail. Datavail’s Database Lifecycle Management solution includes a set of processes which allow organizations to develop, improve, and adapt to the changes that occur throughout the life of the database. Through this comprehensive 24×7 remote DBA support, customers can monitor and respond to alerts for database related issues by providing architecture and design advice.

“Our robust community of DBA experts applies their breadth of expertise to provide both proactive and reactive database support, delivering the database environment with the most preventative care that it requires,” notes Perlstein. These DBA experts can effectively implement the database lifecycle management strategy by integrating themselves into the customers’ internal team, understanding the functioning of the company and accordingly building stress-testing databases for identifying the potential failures before the systems are put online. This allows customers to save time in developing a new database project plan in avoiding the pitfalls of new implementations while ensuring that the customer needs are met. Datavail’s database consulting services provide expertise and delivery flexibility. “We provide DBA consulting engagements that deliver Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, SharePoint, and MongoDB consulting with superior performance,” says Perlstein.

We provide on-demand database solutions from the cloud to data management and BI/ analytics solutions

Datavail also provides assessment database services to alleviate customers from the constant worry of potential database alerts. “We support our customers with on-shift DBAs and not just on-call rotation.”

“We work with clients ranging from Fortune 100 to mid-sized companies and startups that rely on 24×7 monitoring and response for critical, revenue-generating database infrastructure,” elucidates Perlstein. In an instance, a wholesale distribution company had an ineffective database system and needed to improve their database administration quality and provide better coverage of their databases. To achieve this goal, the firm was on the lookout for the best-suited database for their enterprise needs and found Datavail in their extensive search process. Datavail is a pure-play database services firm that delivers a wide range of services within a flexible delivery model to provide round-the-clock database monitoring and administration. “We offered the client with a complete database management solution, enabling them to upgrade, migrate, and carry out regular assessments and health checks to manage their Microsoft SQL and Microsoft SharePoint database,” recalls Perlstein. Working with Datavail, the wholesale distributor could greatly improve their DBA coverage, expertise, availability, quality, and reliability.

Apart from specialized expertise, companies turn to Datavail for additional DBA capacity and other database staff augmentation needs. Datavail looks forward to provide the best database staffing support to their customers with a delivery design to meet their organizational requirements.


Broomfield, CO

Mark Perlstein, President & CEO

Provides a broad set of database services within a flexible delivery model