Datawiz: Devising Holistic Enterprise Infrastructure Security Strategy

Tahir Rameez, Vice President
For most large mission-critical organizations in the federal and commercial space, devising a comprehensive infrastructure security solution is often an uphill struggle. These organizations have a multitude of departments that are still dependent on legacy systems for operations. As a result, their enterprise infrastructure security solutions are often inadequate, making the digital assets susceptible to cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. This is where specialists like Datawiz come into the picture.

Datawiz is a pioneer in offering a complete suite of solutions pertaining to cybersecurity services, enterprise security architecture, information and cloud security, and technology and risk management services, to name a few. Backed by more than 20 years of industry expertise, Datawiz emphasizes understanding clients' mission and organizational goals to script a holistic security strategy.

“We believe that a sturdy security architecture is one that underpins an organization’s values and objectives to define their baseline security requirements as well as overall security goals,” states Tahir Rameez, Vice President of Datawiz.

Rooted in this principle, Datawiz takes a lifecycle-based approach—internally developed and used enterprise security integration delivery model—that maps relevant technologies with the enterprise architecture to address potential risks. Datawiz first works with stakeholders to understand their long-term goals, organizational values, and objectives and then studies clients' operational environments to determine their business needs and internal/external software dependencies. Based on this assessment, the company materializes a custom strategy with manageable, actionable, and achievable short-term goals for quick wins and long-term victories. This aspect keeps the teams engaged and drives technology transformation to deliver secure services that are aligned to the customer’s business goals. In effect, Datawiz’s strategies enable their clients to meet its security requirements and improve their responsiveness during any sudden adverse attacks.

Apart from this, Datawiz also supports clients gearing up to take the modernization route— migrating to the cloud and leveraging AI/ML technologies. The firm formulates an organization's pathway for holistic digital transformation by considering several factors. It includes an organization's digital capability, risk impacts, alternatives, cost, and the subsequent transformation strategy to manage and mitigate any technological shortcomings.Following this, the company communicates data-driven metrics on customizable real-time dashboards to assess the efficacy of the transformation process and facilitate intelligent decision-making pertaining to the underlying process.

Datawiz mandates transparency in all its endeavors to give clients a clear view of their current security environment and infrastructure.
The company provides proprietary and customized dashboards to help clients gain meaningful insight into their current security posture and environment, and it identifies every possible weakness in clients' operational environment. This clear insight helps their clients prioritize their plans and implement the recommended solutions. Many organizations leverage Datawiz's customizable dashboards, and the company also helps integrate it with their proprietary toolset using AI.

Our data-analytics provide stakeholders with detailed insight into their risk and operational posture and identify every possible weakness in their infrastructure

For instance, one of their clients, who had close to ten organizational units under their belt, wanted better visibility over their security and operational environments. So Datawiz built a proprietary solution based on AI/ ML for them, which could crawl through every associated computer systems, applications, and processes. It was designed to proactively deliver dynamic insight and outage predictions to alert the failure of any device. In addition to generating insightful reports for high-level stakeholders and the operational teams, the AI even plays a critical part in managing the network elements through intelligent monitoring and management procedures. Datawiz's solution enhanced the overall control and gave the client a comprehensive view of their entire system administration.

Such success stories affirm Datawiz’s expertise in devising enterprise security solutions. Looking ahead, the enterprise security environment will evolve into an extraordinarily complex amalgamation of traditional and advanced IOT assets. Particularly, the pandemic-induced hybrid/ remote work environment and the ever-changing compliance regulations have brought in several new challenges to organizations. It is safe to say enterprise security is not bounded by the office walls and traditional connectivity using VPN usage is not enough anymore. That is why Datawiz is investing in zero-trust architectures, which will lead enterprise security into the modernized era.

With the goal to create proactive mission-focused culture within an organization, Datawiz is driven by their need to create a mature cybersecurity model that will help their customers achieve operational stability, responsiveness, and a strong security posture.


McLean, VA

Tahir Rameez, Vice President

The company offers infrastructure security solutions that fit the mission and vision of the clients.