DataXoom Corp: Value-Added Wireless Data Services for Business Customers

Rob Chamberlin, Co-founder & EVP
High bandwidth applications are driving wireless carriers to increase the availability and quality of their broadband connectivity. While significantly increasing capital investments on network build out and wireless spectrum purchases to keep up with explosive demand, many wireless carriers have done little to address the needs of business customers. “Mobile data services are the lifeblood of Enterprise mobility. Yet wireless carriers remain focused on consumer markets, and can’t provide the analytics tools and unified billing that business customers desperately want” revealed Rob Chamberlin, Co-founder and EVP, of DataXoom Corp. “Chris Hill (DataXoom COO) and I recognized the need for a wireless carrier focused exclusively on business and enterprise customers,” he added. Predicting that huge growth was coming in wireless data consumption and IoT, Hill and Chamberlin founded DataXoom in 2012.

The company provides wireless data service to business customers, and maintains a proprietary management platform that supports important value-added wireless services. DataXoom enables company administrators to set real-time alerts and user limits, control personal usage, giving them more visibility and control of mobile data usage. “As wireless equipment becomes carrier agnostic, it makes perfect sense for a wireless provider to offer cross-carrier services directly to companies, which is exactly what DataXoom offers to large business customers,” said Chamberlin.

DataXoom provides 3G and 4G mobile data connectivity across all of the major U.S. wireless carriers. “We provide customers with the flexibility they need from a mobile provider, with simple terms, and no penalties when business conditions change,” said Chamberlin. The company delivers real-time visibility into wireless data usage and spends across multiple underlying networks. “We’re providing access to the same networks a business uses when they buy directly from the mobile operators, but with enterprise-friendly terms, billing and unified management,” stated Chamberlin.

DataXoom is dedicated to offering a best-of-the-breed experience to its business customers.
“Our expertise in the wireless industry has enabled us to secure a number of wholesale contracts to essentially create a new, business-friendly sales channel for mid-market and enterprise customers,” offered Chamberlin. “We intend to continue to provide our services to companies looking to simplify mobility, while driving innovation in the market with creative ideas and new product offerings,” he added.

A large European pharmaceutical company with a large U.S. presence recently approached DataXoom about managing the full lifecycle of Wi-Fi hotspots for each of its employees, from the initial procurement of each device to the ongoing and day-to-day support. The customer operated in an Individual Responsibility Units (IRU) environment in which approximately 1,000 employees paid for wireless services on corporate credit cards each month. DataXoom provided the client with a procurement portal from which each employee could chose a device and select from three underlying U.S. wireless carriers. DataXoom then sourced each device, staged as per customer’s specifications, and sent a new mobile hotspot directly to each end user. Now company administrators can manage all usage under one shared pricing plan, regardless of the device or network chosen.

We provide customers the flexibility they need from a mobile provider, with simple terms, enhanced management capabilities, and no penalties when business conditions change

Chamberlin and Hill see mobile data consumption continuing to grow exponentially, and becoming even more critical to businesses large and small. The company envisions ultimately providing customers real-time dynamic switching between mobile operators based on coverage, data speeds, and network capacity.

DataXoom Corp

Berkeley, CA

Rob Chamberlin, Co-founder & EVP and Chris Hill, Co-founder & COO

Specializes in providing mobile data services for businesses and the mobile workforce.

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