Datiphy Inc.: Bringing Visibility into Data Security

Ted Ho, CEO
An organization’s data may reside in the cloud, on the premises, or a hybrid of both. Ted Ho, the CEO of Datiphy Inc., says that the foremost thing a CIO should do is “know your data.” It is highly imperative for companies to understand how to extract insights and protect it. As data analytics matured over the years, CIOs comprehended the true power that their business data holds. Be it from an operational, storage, or analytical viewpoint, gaining insights from the organizational data activity and securing it has become a critical factor in improving a company’s bottom-line. Enterprise IT and security professionals strive to protect their business-critical information from threats, but breach detection is often severely delayed, due to limited visibility of their network and data activities. Datiphy is turning the tables by enabling security within an organization’s cloud infrastructure through its Enterprise Cloud Solution that endows organizations with actionable threat intelligence about their critical business data.

Developed to visualize data asset activities, Datiphy’s innovative data-centric security technology allows information security organizations to detect breaches as they unfold. The Enterprise Cloud Solution extracts and indexes the critical contextual assets of each transaction, thus providing continuous database security and activity monitoring. The firm also provides an advanced command portal through which companies can manage the Datiphy platform centrally and leverage it for natural language querying to quickly verify threats and discover the extent of a breach for greatly accelerated resolution. “Our product is a next-generation database activity monitoring (DAM) that is a hybrid of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and data-centric audit & protection (DCAP) for dynamic database security and risk assessment,” states Ho.

The Datiphy platform is designed to automatically organize data and data transactions into assets for easy control and management. Every data transaction is audited by Datiphy which improves the data accuracy while providing visualization to asset relationships and behavior.

We are not just a solution provider; we extract the real value from the data

Clients can also export the generated analytics as feeds to other security applications, like governance and compliance tools, fraud detection, or SIEM. This paves the way for highly reliable data sets, reducing the probability of false alarms.

The firm started by delivering its cloud operations to the financial sector and has today eventually grown to provide its solutions to the e-commerce and gaming sectors. Ho explains how the gaming sector is an interesting area, which involves virtual currency, and has complicated the idea of security for many gaming firms. “Datiphy backtraces the virtual money trail and finds the intruders forensically.” The firm also puts equal emphasis on maintaining the regulatory side of things for their clients by delivering automated detection of risk factors and enabling compliance.

Datiphy’s cloud provider partners provide an extra edge to the firm as they gain knowledge about the latest trends and customer needs existing in the market and deliver their solutions accordingly. Meanwhile, by leveraging its partners’ services, Datiphy deploys its cloud solutions seamlessly.

The fact that the company can provide critical information about an organization’s data activity in the cloud is their unique selling point that sets them ahead of the competition curve, and Datiphy will continue to inject various capabilities together to visualize organizations’ entire enterprise data lifecycle in the future as well. The company has grown significantly in the APAC market and is all set to conquer the US market in the next few years. “We are not just a solution provider; we extract the real value from the data, and that’s why we are the leaders,” concludes Ho.

Datiphy Inc

San Jose, CA

Ted Ho, CEO

The Datiphy platform fills the underlying gaps that exist between established solution tools and glues various capabilities together to visualize the entire enterprise data lifecycle

Datiphy Inc