DATUM Connecting Information Management to Business Outcomes

CIO VendorWill Crump, President
Two things are close to Will Crump’s heart; one is managing the uncertainty of weather and current when competing in world-class offshore sailing events; the other is driving customer success through the murky space of Big Data and helping fellow leaders overcome the challenges posed by it. “I witnessed challenges companies inflicted on themselves by following bad practices in managing data,” says Crump. This led him to assemble the most talented team in the industry to forge the idea of DATUM LLC—a company that provides business advisory and capabilities for delivering information trust.

Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, DATUM specializes in framing business and IT expectations on delivering trusted information for operations, analytics and innovation. The company’s methodology is based on deep experience from its advisory team. Its capabilities are developed by arguably the most experienced software team in the information management ecosystem. Together they allow enterprises to rapidly engage business and IT counterparts for data management initiatives to incubate value, metrics and process optimization in an agile framework. DATUM brings a high-performance team to the customer with a focus on building enough internal competence to exit with a proven sustain model in place the customer can command independently.

"We aspire to make data and information a process discipline, and will continue to build towards that vision

Crump feels many large enterprise customers either have their eye on business transformation or want innovation through Big Data, but they won’t attempt either unless they have a reasonable process for managing data on the other side of the change event.
DATUM’s Information Value Management platform is a perfect solution to this problem. “Information Value Management’s mission is capturing business drivers for information trust with the flexibility to mold and shape a design that fits three primary objectives of data governance,business performance management and process excellence. When a client describes a condition that affects operations or analytics, our platform allows them to define it and expedite automation into stewardship systems,” he explains. This ensures that clients have a common, sustainable model to extend across the enterprise and stimulate highperformance collaboration between business and IT jointly defining data value and expediting automation.

At a time when most providers hand over static deliverables, DATUM’s focus on a ‘teach to fish’ model aims to promote strong internal leadership and knowledge within the client’s workforce. They regard this as a key success factor that sets the company apart from the rest. Focused on enabling customers with a repeatable framework for successful tools deployment, DATUM is making information management easier and investing heavily in expediting time to value for many of the preferred data solutions to the SAP marketplace.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the biggest beneficiaries of DATUM’s solution. The multinational healthcare leader has a history of respecting data and information challenges. DATUM offered a solution that helped Johnson & Johnson to effectively design enterprise data governance and manage data. Baker Hughes, Eli Lilly, Johnson Controls, General Mills, Bunge, Abbott, Mars Chocolates and ConAgra Foods are some of the successful clientele of the company.

Going forward, DATUM’s vision is to establish Information Value Management as a management console for the growing information organization within large enterprises. Consider them the Chief Data Officer’s best friend because of the instant identity and focus on value they bring to information management. The company also plans to continue to refine its services focus in stimulating business transformation through building confidence and competence in data and information success. “We aspire to make data and information a process discipline, and will continue to build towards that vision,” concludes Crump.


Will Crump, President

A company that provides business strategy and capabilities for delivering information trust