Datumate: Catalysts for Construction Infrastructure Projects "As-Built" Process Automation

Tal Meirzon, CEO
The traditional and rather laborious approach to surveying has made a significant percentage of construction projects run into overtime and go ‘over budget’. In a typical construction project survey scenario, 70 percent of the cost of the processes is the work done in the field and the conventional field to plan to execute is arduous, expensive and fraught with inefficiencies. For instance, the crew of a UK-based multibillion-dollar construction company had projected that it would require more than twenty-man days for the mapping and surveying of a highway bridge reconstruction project. Moreover, the task demanded minimal traffic interference on the bridge, and on the road-rail intersection that was beneath it. In the light of their earlier associations with Israel based Datumate, the construction giant sought to evaluate the value proposition of Datumate’s Site Survey Solution. The results were astounding; Datumate had the task done with just a day and a half of drone flight and office analytics extraction, and were able to achieve a whopping 80 percent of savings on the cost of measurement. Datumate utilizes state-of-the-art image-processing, advanced drones and camera technologies that dramatically reduce the amount of time spent by the surveying crews in the field thereby speeding up construction “As-Built” progress checks and shortening infrastructure inspection duration while maintaining survey- grade accuracy.

Datumate's automated and digitized approach to surveying ‘brings the site to the office’: a facilitation which extends beyond the surveyor, all the way to the construction company management through Project, Finance, BIM, Information and QA managers with time and cost savings that transcend through the project execution. The software stack of Datumate comprises of DatuSurvey™ and DatuSite™ offerings that turn drone data and camera imagery quickly into accurate geo-referenced 2D maps and 3D models, saving the need for expensive and risky field work and expediting deliveries. A unique proposition of the stack is the capability to merge 2D and 3D mapping thereby uniting the former’s pixel level precision measurement with the latter’s lucid visualization advantage that results in precise geo-referenced data delivery.
Some of the other data analytics that surveyors can leverage are objects measurements from images, point cloud models, orthophoto representation, volume calculation and delta analysis between "As-Built" instances on a weekly or even daily basis. Designed with intuitive tablet UI for drone control, DatuFly™ is the company’s automated professional flight plan and execution application that captures quality vertical and oblique images that are fed to the software stack. In a nutshell, the Datumate suite can capture and import imagery, generate models, extract relevant filed data analytics, measure and validate vectorized precise information and export it to any CAD software or as a report file.

Datumate's automated and digitized approach to surveying 'brings the site to the office'

Although the typical benefactor of Datumate’s solutions is the survey team that is well equipped to achieve precision mapping; the company has now in place a robust cloud-based offering that the construction company managers and stakeholders can leverage, to gain a closer real-time scrutiny on the project. Within Datumate’s cloud delivery model, images collected in the field using drones are processed centrally on the cloud. Based on set of professional KPIs, information is extracted and analyzed to produce reports that match with requested criteria. With a vision to widen its scope of innovations, Datumate aims to expand its solutions portfolio to infrastructure modeling, “Our aim is to Partner with construction companies for digital transformation to provide timely field data insights to the company management what we call ‘a construction infrastructure BIM solution’. Modeling and "As-Built" for infrastructure construction is less sought, and we believe there is a lot of potential that can be tapped from it,” mentions Tal Meirzon Datumate's CEO. With a unique team that comprises experts from both construction industry and start-up ecosystem, Datumate has positioned itself precisely on the maturity timeline of innovative technologies to leverage them for the construction industry.


Yokne'am Illit, Israel

Tal Meirzon, CEO

Partner for digital transformation of construction infrastructure projects. Provides global survey and field measurement services on a daily basis to meet project’s BIM planned budget, schedule and quality