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Brian McGlynn, COO & Co-Founder Home to approximately three million people, the bustling city of San Diego has been touted to have one of the safest, best, and on time transportation service—Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). With accurate arrival-departure information on 212 well-planned digital signs installed at train stations, MTS makes the everyday lives of commuters easy. With round the clock services, achieving this feat is not an easy task for MTS. Steering the wheels of success for MTS is Davra Networks—a developer of intelligent management platform for the IoT. Using a combination of Cisco 829 gateways, Davra’s RuBAN platform allows real-time tracking of light rail system while maintaining the flow of information—from MTS’ back-office operation technology (OT) systems to the digital signs. “Cisco gateways offer an enterprise-grade, secure hardware solution with embedded fog Computing and RuBAN provides all the data insights and analytics to track train positions,” states Brian McGlynn, Co-Founder and COO, Davra Networks. With the help of RuBAN rules engine and the power of IoT, the robust loop created between MTS’ OT via APIs in RuBAN and the digital signs fulfil the need of the MTS. To add to all this, MTS achieved this with Davra’s solution at a cost 50-70 percent lesser than a previous pilot program. The customers’ partnership with Davra IOT AEP and Cisco helped them focus on attaining real innovation and ability to implement long term sustainable, robust, cost effective solutions without being held hostage by expensive, proprietary systems.

Influencing the World of IoT

This is one among the many feats achieved by Davra, which has placed itself as one of the principal industrial IoT AEP software companies. The firm has proved its might by winning the Best Overall Platform award at the IoT Evolution Battle of the Platforms competition presented by TMC and Crossfire Media. The company stood victorious in four categories—transportation, smart cities, manufacturing, and overall—with its platform recognized for superiority in real-time monitoring, tracking, and data management in transportation markets.

"Cisco gateways offer an enterprise-grade, secure hardware solution and RuBAN provides all the data insights and analytics to track train positions and telematics"

Davra’s solutions are backed by its partnership with Cisco that has added the former into Cisco Solutions Plus program as an IoT Management and AEP. Cisco customers around the world can procure RuBAN for enterprise-class IoT deployments directly from Cisco Global Price List and its partner community, providing easy ordering, simplified processing, and worldwide availability.

The IoT (AEP) platform offered by Davra is supported by four key pillars namely IoT Asset Lifecycle Management that manages everything from Zero touch deployment, firmware updates, configuration updates and ongoing management of the entire IoT Asset Stack.
The IoT Gateway Fog Controller module turns IoT Gateways into intelligent edge compute platforms enabling local analytics, local decision-making and powerful sensor based data collection across 100+ sensor based protocols. The company’s Business Intelligence has been designed for IoT since inception, using BI best practices, latest technologies in visualization, reporting, charting, and data transformation. And Davra’s ‘Program by drawing’ module and Open API ensures its IoT AEP works in harmony with over 200+ IT and OT systems and over 100+ ‘Physical Things’ from street signs to traffic light controllers.

Davra Networks with its RuBAN Platform provides organizations with a flexible, secure and integrated AEP to fully leverage current and future IoT deployments

Reflecting the competitiveness of Davra in the IoT space are its numerous success stories. For instance, officials in a Texas school district hired Davra to add Wi-Fi to school buses. The primary reason was to allow students to study and do homework during the long daily bus trip, which at times could be a four-hour commute. The solution offered included Davra’s RuBAN platform, which collected vast amounts of raw data, managed it, and turned it into intuitive, visual solutions. Out of the many benefits, this project helped the school district to optimize performance by using real-time vehicle telemetry while decreasing fuel costs through real-time location, speed, and idle time tracking. In addition, it helped reduce the district’s carbon footprint, by monitoring mileage and driving patterns. The project also ticked the safety of children parameter since the system tracked the location of students travelling in the buses in the far-flung rural areas. Davra and Cisco are now pushing the solution nationwide. The company currently has a rapidly growing R&D team employed in Dublin working on projects such as connecting emergency vehicles as well as other solutions for using Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and LoRA technologies to connect smart cities. This technology will enable public or multi tenant networks to connect multiple applications running in the same network.

Strong Partnerships

As MachNation—an insight services and specialist Analyst firm focused on the IoT and IoE ecosystems—predicts, the IoT market will grow to four trillion dollars with over 24 billion devices by the year 2025. Targeting this, organizations should carefully review opportunities to use IoT to improve their operational processes and spur innovation. With its RuBAN platform, Davra is well positioned to help companies utilize ‘fog computing’ to collecting data from sensors to presenting it as usable business intelligence on the desktop. In addition, the RuBAN platform is the only product presenting this data in an easy-to-use, intuitive way with its solutions requiring no customization. The platform is also unique in that it handles automated network troubleshooting, response, and problem repair remotely. “Davra Networks with its RuBAN solution provides organizations with a flexible, secure and integrated AEP to fully leverage current and future IoT deployments.
In addition, Davra Networks’ RuBAN solution is available to Cisco sales teams and partners through Cisco’s Global Price List (GPL)—a strong endorsement of the AEP solution,” expresses MachNation.

As the industrial IoT technology stack, from edge intelligence (fog), data collection, AEP, analytics to security is maturing, the inevitable requirement to maintain its growth in the industrial, enterprise and public sector markets lies with training and providing awareness. Davra has joined hands with Fast Lane, an IT Training Specialist with global reach across 52 countries to deliver 4 new Davra Certified IoT courses based on Davra’s award winning IoT AEP Software Platform.“Davra Networks is one of the most mature IoT AEP software companies. They have concentrated on a horizontal AEP software platform with a core focus on the transportation and connected vehicle market. We are excited to be their exclusive Global Training Partner and are investing significantly in their platform training,” says Chuck Terrien, President and CEO of Fast Lane Americas. On this partnership, MachNation expresses “We have believed for years that the IoT industry could borrow best-practices from the IT industry to help increase IoT channel capacity and improve channel capabilities for technologists and sales executives.” “The Authorized Davra Training and Certification provided by FastLane is a great example of leadership in this endeavor.” Davra’s talented engineering team has developed this platform with passion over the last 4 years and its commercialization team has developed the best possible global sales channel. “We believe that it is now time to combine these two efforts and build out our sales awareness and training on a global level. I am very much confident that Fast Lane is the right company to accomplish this and I am delighted and extremely excited about this synergetic partnership,” states McGlynn.

With strong partnerships and dedicated workforce, Davra envisions continuing its growth in the transportation vertical. It aims to gradually reach the verticals adjacent to transportation like Smart Cities and Remote Asset Management. “Low Power WAN technologies such as LoRa and NB-IOT will drive many of the underlining Smart Cities and Remote Asset Management IOT Solutions and Services. We have already positioned ourselves very well with strong wins and partnerships in the space,” concludes McGlynn.

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