The Dayhuff Group: Panacea to Supervise and Track Information

Corey Dayhuff, President
In the present business landscape, maintaining right track of information along with reducing risk has become challenging for companies. Dayhuff Group, headquartered in Columbus, OH, provides solutions that capture, process and share business information to reduce costs and risks.

To increase productivity, improve compliance and reduce operational cost, the Dayhuff Group has customized solutions that include Enterprise Content Management software which captures, stores, manages, integrates and delivers all forms of digital content across a company from employee to customers to suppliers and partners.

Along with the ECM solution, the company has recently released Enterprise Lifecycle Management Solution to handle uncountable employee data that securely automates the capture, routing and approval of all aspects pertaining to staffing information.
It easily views, accesses and tracks documents in a protected environment throughout the employee lifecycle and even has the ability to securely access information contained in their files such as benefits, payrolls and training. “The sensitive nature of employee files means it’s essential to maintain this information in a secure environment that is adaptable to evolving privacy mandates and corporate policies,” says Corey Dayhuff , President, The Dayhuff Group.

The Dayhuff Group has clients across different verticals like insurance, finance, manufacturing and federal government. They have partners globally that includes Kodak, KOFAX, FUJITSU, Reconnex and Napersoft. “As leaders in Enterprise Content Management and business intelligence, we specialize in delivering fast, focused, high quality solutions with solid returns on investment,” says Dayhuff.

Dayhuff Group

Columbus, OH

Corey Dayhuff, President

Provides cost effective content management solutions.