DB Networks: A Sole Leader in the Database Security Space

Brett Helm Chairman & CEO
Today's security solutions require the enterprise to complete extensive customization of signature files and perform time-consuming and ongoing maintenance of these files simply to detect a small portion of known attacks. But all too often database security solutions are implemented simply to meet auditor's demands regarding monitoring and reporting. Such a database security strategy does not comprehend the application and its interaction with the database. And so the organization has no visibility into the SQL exchanges at the database tier. And it is the database tier that is the actual attack surface for SQL injection.

Enter DB Networks, which is focused on providing products that provide continuous monitoring at the database tier to accurately identify database attacks through complex behavioral analysis technology.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Diego, CA the firm mitigates many of the shortcomings in the security domain through its next generation product (Intrusion Detection System) IDS-6300. An appliance designed to detect the breaches in database security, IDS-6300 provides administrators with the intelligence to stop the intrusions.

The IDS-6300 leverages behavioral analysis technology for SQL injection intrusion detection and defense. “There are a variety of cyber attack and SQL injection is one of the primary attack vectors. DB Networks is highly focused on the SQL injection threat”, says the firm’s Chairman and CEO, Brett Helm.

A Step Above the Rest

Though there are many firms offering solutions for injection based attacks, DB Networks is the only security provider using behavioral analysis, coupled with machine learning to deal with detecting SQL injection.
DB Networks' behavioral analysis technology offers advanced continuous monitoring of database traffic, enabling administrators to identify attacks in real time.

The organization can then block the session and make changes to the application to remediate the vulnerabilty.

DB Networks products are usually targeted for datacenter deployments and its latest product IDS-6300 is primarily focused on the infrastructure and is mainly deployed in networking and the database security organizations.

A Promising Technology For the Future

Today, the firm’s technology offers the most accurate SQL injection detection in the market. Additional features include database discovery and the ability to identify and trace coding errors. The product is plug and play requiring no blacklists or signatures to configure and maintain. DB Networks is enhancing the product with support for MySQL and DB2. In addition the interface speed is being increased to 10 Gbps per second.

Navis, a developer of industry leading Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) solutions, and one of the firm’s clients has deployed the IDS-6300 intelligent security appliance to continuously monitor its database infrastructure. Navis will also use the IDS-6300 for improved infrastructure management which includes discovery and consolidation of database servers.

DB Networks offers its products in North America and primarily serves the financial and government sector. According to Brett, the firm markets to the U.S. government since it is an early technology adopter and is generally more advanced from a security perspective. The company has developed an excellent reputation over the past five years and plans to continue disrupting the space to stay ahead of the field well into the future.

DB Networks

San Diego, CA

Brett Helm Chairman & CEO

A provider of behavioral analysis technologies in the field of database security. DB Networks offers security solutions against SQL injection and database Denial of Service attacks.