DB Pro- SQL Governor: Cutting out the unnecessary database servers from the planet

Kari Tuisku, CEO
Quite some time ago, a reputed large media company was facing a need to renew their Microsoft data platform. Before deciding to undergo the project the same traditional way as before, they found SQL Governor, an innovative solution for eliminating unnecessary database servers, and the rest, as they say, is history. The server capacity optimization implemented with SQL Governor solution helped the media firm reap a string of benefits—most importantly a drastic reduction in licensing costs by an impressive 47 percent.

In a candid conversation, Kari Tuisku, CEO of DB Pro, the company behind the SQL Governor solution, reveals his organization’s unique value proposition and the factors that have steered it ahead of several Microsoft solution providers across the globe. “Assisting our clients in the accomplishment of comprehensive capacity optimization is our strength and a factor that differentiates SQL Governor from several industry peers. This holistic database server right-sizing has curbed our clients’ expenditure significantly,” he states.

SQL Governor helps large organizations in getting rid of unnecessary database servers and their licenses, which has consistently helped in achieving up to 50 percent cost savings. SQL Governor is a pioneer in the capacity optimization of Microsoft SQL Server platforms throughout their lifecycle. Anyone can visit the website sqlgovernor.com and use a simple calculator to estimate the savings potential hidden in their data platform.

Since periodic infrastructure renewal is inevitable, SQL Governor helps in the seamless transition to the latest sophisticated hardware economically and without sacrificing the performance and availability. The SQL Governor solution utilizes patent pending methodology and machine-learning algorithm to comprehensively study the nature of the server performance data and accordingly figures out an optimized plan for the renewed platform.
The solution is ideal for large legacy on-premise platforms, supporting their modernization or transfer to cloud.

The Finland-based company developing SQL Governor is a trusted Microsoft partner of several globally renowned enterprises today. The SQL Governor solution can be utilized in any industry, as long as the organization has a number of Microsoft SQL Servers in use. The solution has already been successfully applied in several sectors, for example financing, insurance, industrial, software and media, with an average 44 percent savings produced so far. Secondly, many Microsoft solution vendors who are the trusted suppliers for these above-mentioned organizations in managed infrastructure services or software & IT asset management have already found SQL Governor highly synergetic with their own business.

SQL Governor, known for its finesse in capacity optimization, is the trusted Microsoft solution of renowned enterprises

The organization aims to leverage cloud technology and make optimization a cloud-based, SaaS-centric, and alleviate on-premise installation to the best possible extent to accommodate data explosion. The organization has made great strides as a Microsoft solution provider and is currently establishing its footprint in the US and Europe.

“The golden opportunity ahead of us is that most enterprises have not yet tapped the benefits of comprehensive capacity optimization, and we are putting our best foot forward to empower potential clients with our unique solution and accomplishing sustainable development,” Kari Tuisku says.

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Kari Tuisku, CEO and Jani K. Savolainen, Founder & CTO

SQL Governor is a leading-edge Microsoft SQL server capacity optimization solution

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