DBA24Hrs: Database Management using Remote Automation

Sean McLean, Director
Today, organizations are embracing an ever changing technology landscape; customers expect and demand their technology to deliver secure and fast services to any devices whether at work or home. A key component to these services is how companies manage and maintain their customer’s data. Coming to support these organizations, DBA24Hrs offers a 24/7 remote database support using their award winning database tool DBLaunch. The company’s DBAs possess at least 10 years of experience, working with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2 and Sybase.

DBA24Hrs understands what it takes to deliver a first class customer experience, whether it is managing day to day DBA operations for a company or providing supplemental services for customer’s support. “We offer services that provide value to the customer, our team is always monitoring their systems and identifying areas where we can streamline and tune the customer databases, we often find and fix a problem before the customer even notice it,” says Sean McLean, Technical Director, DBA24hrs.

DBA24Hrs was founded by DBAs for DBAs in 2006 with the intention of simplifying the administration of databases through their flagship product DBLaunch. “Most operations performed by a database administrator can be automated, DBLaunch automates these mundane tasks, whether it is installing database engines to deploying scripts, packages, application codes, maintaining backups, migration and auditing and a whole host of other tasks,” explains McLean. DBLaunch does not replace the need for talented DBAs but releases them to work on more productive tasks in their company.

Companies employ DBAs to manage huge amount of data—as companies grow it becomes increasingly difficult for the DBAs to manage the increased workload without adding additional resources. DBA24Hrs, through its remote database management service, manages these functions by providing a specialized solution which is currently being utilized by customers, small and large across all industries.
The team is always looking forward but focuses on one core value, which is to provide superior customer service whether as a software vendor or a full service partner. Today, DBA24Hrs is a partner with over 200 clients globally, including many fortune 100 companies who count on DBA24Hrs expertise to manage their databases. What sets DBA24Hrs apart from other database solution providers is their ability to assess customer’s environment and provide a team of expert DBAs to customers rather than a named resource.“We recently came into a company with over three hundred database servers after performing our audit and health checks we were able to put remediation steps in place which ensured the environment was 100 per cent secure and performing optimally. The company now runs on fewer servers, and with our recommendations, have saved hundreds of thousands in licensing costs each year,” explains McLean.

“When companies talk about DBA24Hrs, there are two things that are regularly brought up,” remarks McLean: “First, how intuitive and easy-to-use the software is than other options and how responsive and knowledgeable the team is. This allows the customer to focus on more important tasks”.

DBA24Hrs offers a flat fee subscription based database support serivce for a fraction of the price of a full time employee

Going forward, DBA24hrs will continue to build on the DBLaunch platform by listening to their customers’ needs and by working with the Database vendors to ensure that they continue to be at the top of their game. “We offer an economical team of experienced dedicated DBAs either to take full responsibility for client's databases or provide the client supplemental DBA services to their current DBA team, for a fraction of a cost of a new hire,” says McLean. “DBA24hrs will continue to grow at a pace to ensure that they maintain their quality of service and excellence in database ecosystem.”


Houston, TX

Sean McLean, Director

24/7 remote database support with veteran in-house database administrators and an automated database management software solution with proactive benefits