DCR Workforce: Cloud-Based Vendor Management System

Ammu Warrier, President
Today, more and more companies are looking for services procurement solutions to manage the buying and engagement process for outsourced work, contingent non-employees, and SOW (Statement of Work). When engaging with these complex aspects and processes, they find they require a robust, progressive and flexible Vendor Management System (VMS) that is built to handle complexities for services procurement while managing the expectation of ease of use and configurability of the system. Addressing this need, DCR Workforce has developed Smart Track, a “true” cloud-based VMS platform for service procurement and covering soup-to-nuts of non-employee engagement.

Smart Track is the cornerstone of an agreement that sets expectations, deliverables, what’s acceptable, the price and the pricing schedule—an end-to-end solution, providing full support for all aspects of non-employee engagement. Purchased work and services can be quoted and contracted, tracked and cataloged, within the system, including sub-projects and sub-sub-projects—globally. Users also have control over a number of layers such as charge numbers and addition or deletion of contingent workers, critical for SOW management when priorities and workforce changes. The platform offers a single, unified approach to procure, manage, and analyze agency and freelance workers, SOW, and other niche resource pools.

Ammu Warrier, President, DCR Workforce explains, “Our process has minimal touch points. In essence, we’ve simplified the entire process for engagement of services procurement for large, global, complex SOW projects!”

Smart Track, catering to SOW needs, provides comprehensive scope and spend management for services procurement, from initial RFQ all the way through project completion. Users have control over the establishment and quick modification of business rules, workflows, hierarchies, role-based access and approval rights.

The built-in functionality of Smart Track allows interfacing with leading ERP, timekeeping and HRIS systems to enable rapid assimilation with existing information systems. “In essence, our solution is truly global with the ability to accommodate multiple languages, currencies, and time-zones as well as country-specific employment regulations and ‘cultural’ type configurations,” affirms Ammu.

We combine the knowledge, innovation, and technology needed to analyze, understand, and act on all aspects of a service procurement program

Further, Smart Track’s DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) functionalities include Rate Guidance, Market Heat Maps, Match Index Intelligence, Gamification, and Smart Forms. DCR Workforce’s Smart Track xCHANGE, a collaborative freelance ecosystem, unites social networking with employment engines where clients can connect to a wide community of suppliers and a constant stream of non-employees. For instance, one particular client once considered increasing their workforce, however, they were grappling to find qualified candidates to fill available contract positions and engage non-employees. With Smart Track xCHANGE, the amount of time to fill open positions was reduced by 23 percent whereas the retention rate shot up by 11 percent.

DCR’s clients can leverage the agile, flexible, innovative, and “true” cloud-based Smart Track platform for both cost and time savings. Once DCR worked closely with a major financial institution to tackle change management with a precise and targeted micro-messaging approach while communicating processes and socializing the change management. “It’s not just about the features in the technology platform, but about the user experience and interface we provide, which is focused on customer ‘firsts’,” says Ammu. “We combine the knowledge, innovation, and technology needed to analyze, understand, and act on all aspects of a service procurement program.”

In days to come, DCR will continue focusing on DaaS, as well as predictive and prescriptive analytics for the remainder of the year; and as they push into 2017, they will make forecasting and planning the future a reality for their clients.

DCR Workforce

Boca Raton, FL

Ammu Warrier, President

A cloud-based VMS providing a unified approach to managing all aspects of services procurement engagement

DCR Workforce