Dealer360: 360 Degree Insight to Business Data and Performance Analytics

Michael Phillips, CEO
The online marketplace of today enables buyers and sellers to bypass conventional car dealerships. But this has also led unique IT challenges, making car dealers cringe every time they have to look for ways to manage complex administrative and logistical issues. The IT infrastructure service provider for automotive dealers, Dealer360 is all set to bring about a difference in this dealership marketplace, as it strives to reduce the IT complexity, bring about valuable insight into data, to help automotive dealers focus on core functions of their business, improving the bottom line.

Located in Centennial, CO, Dealer360 services to automotive dealer groups in the U.S. “Our experience and integration with the automotive world gives our team a unique approach to IT and software allowing us to develop and create solutions that truly work for today’s dealer. The solutions we provide, assists dealers in understanding and efficiently operating their businesses to maximize their revenue,” says Michael Phillips, CEO, Dealer360.

Dealer360’s key products include Analytics and Viewpoint. Analytics provides a series of executive management dashboards and reports, highlighting the financial and operational metrics. It enables company executives and dealership managers to view critical metrics in a dashboard setting, helping them to efficiently execute strategies and proactively improve the business processes. “We help dealers streamline operational technologies such as thin clients, hosting, email, equipment, networking and phones,” Phillips explains.

The Viewpoint on the other hand, is a vehicle inventory search engine, a simple to use, engaging interface that helps car buyers to easily interact with the dealership’s powerful vehicle inventory and gain informative knowledge to make smart choice while purchasing a car. The Viewpoint search engine is a popular choice among its many automotive customers like Groove Toyota, Scion, Buick, GMC, Hyundai, Groove Mazda and Honda.
“Viewpoint really helps turn the needs analysis portion of the sale into a two way conversation. For every piece of information a customer gives they receive some information back and we are able to have an intelligent conversation about which vehicles meet their driving needs and their budget. Thus, it is a great tool for vehicle selection and with the payment calculator; our sales representatives select the right vehicle the first time,” asserts Lee Payne, owner of Planet Honda & Planet Hyundai. The company also provides infrastructure support and consultation as a catalyst in fulfilling the business information needs of dealers while reducing the time and effort required for supporting related activities.

The solutions we provide, assists dealers in understanding and efficiently operating their businesses to maximize their revenue

With all the analytics and inventory data stored in Dealer360’s server, they pride themselves on providing high priority Data security. Dealer360’s network infrastructure incorporates a dual firewall system to protect customer’s data, and also has network monitoring and intrusion prevention software that provides protection against both external and internal threats.

Going forward, Dealer360’s support and development teams will continue to implement industry standards and research on emerging technologies that will benefit the dealers. “We love it when we can turn our customers into “Raving Fans,” therefore we only develop, support, and produce solutions that truly impact the efficiency and profitability of their business,” concludes Phillips.


Centennial, CO

Michael Phillips, CEO

Dealer360 provides software solutions and infrastructure support to automotive dealers