Decisyon: Collaborative BI Accelerating Smart Decision Making

Ron Rose, CEO
Ron Rose’s two decades of experience as a CIO in such companies as and Standard & Poor’s has helped him to understand the challenges faced by organizations and Line of Business managers in making effective decisions from operational reports, plans and forecasts that get outdated quickly. As CEO of Decisyon, he says, “Our customers tell us that Decisyon’s collaborative BI and performance management offers their companies new ways to effectively accelerate their business from insight to action.

When critical business processes are supported by spreadsheets, emails and phone calls, the associated analytics and collaboration becomes inefficient, and this creates further delays in the decision process of the overall business team. Decisyon’s products are designed to improve the speed and quality of decision making which in turn reduces operating expenses, increases revenue and innovation speed.

A key factor for transforming business pro cesses is critically improving the speed and quality of decision making based on near real-time information and data-driven collaboration. Decisyon has delivered proven customer value in industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, and others where the speed-to-value has brought in 25-50 percent reduction in time towards planning processes, 15-40 percent improvement in deployment time and costs, and 10-15 percent in operating expense improvements. Decisyon’s illustrious clientele include Janssen, Novartis, Zambon, Saipem, Intesa San Paolo, Alpitour World, Telecom Italia and other large multinationals.

IT executives and managers are facing increasing expectations from the LOB managers they support, to have a collaborative software solution that integrates analysis, planning and execution.Built upon a high-performance multi-dimensional analytic engine, Decisyon empowers business teams with real-time access to critical business information; making it easy to integrate data from multiple operational systems such as ERP, CRM, HCM, and data warehouses.

Decisyon’s business-user oriented BI and Performance Management platform, as well as their packaged applications, seamlessly enable analytics, planning and execution through social collaboration across multiple departments and operational systems.
Connecting people, ecosystems, information, processes, decisions, and execution without the need to re-architect existing IT infrastructures—this is Decisyon 360, a part of the emerging category of Collaborative Decision Making platforms that accelerates the pace of business.

The product operates on live Big Data, both structured and unstructured, and delivers unified operational analytics functionality in a completely social, mobile, and in-context collaboration space. Facilitating rapid code-free development of operational BI and planning solutions to deliver proven business value, Decisyon 360 can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

When a large global pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to improve efficiency, co-ordination and collaboration across departments to improve on-time delivery, they implemented the Decisyon 360 Platform with Decisyon’s specific manufacturing framework called Decisyon/Plant. This provided the client with near real-time views of structured and unstructured data from different sources across the plant to monitor and holistically manage the entire manufacturing operation. As a result, the company was able to reduce certain supervisory activities by 20-100 percent, and achieved a 50 percent increase in management efficiency in some areas.

After this successful implementation, the company expanded its use of Decisyon’s collaborative capabilities to new applications in supplier management, to similarly accelerate workflow across hundreds of people and even more departmental teams. This solution, while integrating internal and external data, improves supply chain reliability and reduces risks and addresses compliance requirements as well. In addition, the company was able to reduce the number of calls and emails exchanged between departments by 90-100 percent.

For its journey forward, the company plans to continue delivering proven value for customers by expanding Decisyon’s sales, marketing, services and partner networks in the U.S. and Europe. Rose says, “CIO’s already have many tools for collaboration, BI, and Planning. They need fewer tools that provide more functionality for business users at reduced overall operational cost and complexity. We are helping IT executives deliver transformational innovation speed so that LOB executives can accomplish complex analytic and decision making challenges faster, and with more ease of use, without having to re-architect existing legacy systems.”


Stamford, CT

Ron Rose, CEO

Provides collaborative BI and performance management software solutions to accelerate smart decision making.