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Derek Fournier, President
For twenty years, DeCurtis has been a leader in cruise technology, providing multiple lines with cutting-edge custom solutions. The last few years have seen a shift in the company’s offerings as they have turned decades of deep-industry knowledge into developing the DeCurtis Experience Platform, an ecosystem centered around increasing safety and security onboard, maximizing operational efficiencies and revolutionizing the guest experience. “Through the DXP, we can assist the cruise lines to deliver an enhanced guest experience that makes a direct, verifiable financial impact; most importantly, it is done keeping security and privacy in mind,” says Derek Fournier, President of DeCurtis Corporation. Interestingly, the DXP uses location-and-proximity-aware technology, which ushers in a new era of features and benefits for both guests and crew.

Now poised as the leading provider of location-and-proximity-based guest experience solutions in complex indoor environments, DeCurtis offers a range of suites from order and delivery, wayfinding, enhanced embarkation, e-mustering, activity and voyage reservation management and more all using the abstraction layer and core services provided by the DXP. Simply put, the DXP connects formerly disconnected ship systems and allows the cruises lines to serve guests better, especially when driven by location and proximity information.

“We combine the data dimension of ‘where a person is on a cruise line’ with ‘when they need to be catered to’, to provide better services through DXP,” states Fournier. “Having the right data at the right time matters,” he says, “in every scenario from ordering a drink to emergency situations. “

The DXP is a unique blend of technology, concierge services and operational efficiencies, all working together to provide unparalleled guest experience and empower the crew like never before. For example, the platform can enableguests to place anorder wherever they are onboard and have it delivered directly to their location without waiting in line or spending time tracking down a server. The location awareness that powers that ability to order and have things brought to a guest also allows concierge level experience throughout the voyage as crew members know exactly who they are assisting and how best they can be of assistance.

Through DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP), we can assist the cruise lines to deliver personalized and unique services to the customer. This maximizes operational efficiency and makes a direct, verifiable financial impact

Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS), the award-winning e-mustering solution and a part of the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™), is built to empower the crew during the muster drill process. MAS isthe most comprehensive, efficient and resilient e-mustering solution available on the market today. It is designed to put critical data in the hands of the safety officers and first responders quickly and accurately. When paired with the location information of the DXP, this already industry-leading solution becomes even more powerful.

Recently, Crystal Cruises became one of the prominent cruise and entertainment companies to integrate MAS for a faster, safer, and more resilient emergency evacuation process. This will allow Crystal Cruises to safely move all souls onboard to their appropriate assembly stations, account for them, report this data to the bridge, and then safely execute an evacuation. “We’re pleased to be working with Crystal Cruises to implement our MAS on their Ocean Class Vessels,” says Fournier. “The team at Crystal Cruises saw the significant benefits to MAS and the DXP, which provides the platform on which MAS operates.”

With the DXP, DeCurtis Corporation is committed to making the cruise industry better in every dimension. To this end, the company will be increasing its innovation practices and leveraging technologies such as facial recognition that can be layered into its platform. “By systematically changing the status quo, we can truly innovate and set new standards for the guest experience,” concludes Fournier.

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Derek Fournier, President

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