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Maurício Fernandes, CEO
Most businesses will have shifted to the cloud by 2025.

But firms are quickly realizing that a successful migration just solves one part of the equation. Besides aligning with the business's exact needs, their new cloud infrastructure must be managed optimally to deliver operational efficiency.

Acquiring specialized talent with sufficient cloud migration expertise and knowledge to efficiently manage a high-performance cloud environment is difficult for businesses in a highly competitive market.

Dedalus is here to solve this problem.

Living up to the name of the celestial architect and craftsman from Greek mythology, the cloud computing and data services provider takes on the challenge of implementing and managing the cloud while clients—from financial services and healthcare to education and retail sectors—can focus on their business objectives.

Dedalus’ 33 years of experience in the IT sector augments its market differentiation. Since its transformation into a cloud computing and data services company in 2009, Dedalus has helped many companies embrace digital transformation and evolve into agile, modern enterprises.

“We are the emergency room for businesses with a do-or-die need of migrating to the cloud. Our clients aren’t migrating because it is a trend. They are adopting cloud because their on-premises technology no longer supports their new business needs,” says Maurício Fernandes, CEO of Dedalus.

Dedalus is backed by an industry-leading team of cloud and data experts, architects, delivery and technical account managers, and operational analysts who meticulously manage dozens of thousands of cloud resources, whether servers or SaaS systems. It considers security, cost, performance, and business continuity for each project. This extensive breadth of resources, combined with automation tools, like Dynatrace, helps Dedalus bring robust monitoring and visibility while facilitating swift resolutions. Its technology experts engage in more intuitive management tasks while the automation tools take care of the repetitive, manual workflows of cloud management.

A collaborative engagement model from the moment of implementation through the full timeframe of digital transformation enables quick and efficient project delivery. Companies like Gartner are often brought in to help clients understand their exact standing and how their complex workflows can be efficiently migrated and modernized. Any vulnerability in existing infrastructure is made apparent.
The initial assessments determine client goals and shed light on their business requirements, paving the way for an optimized management approach.

Dedalus adopts a suitable project methodology based on what works best for a client. A ‘lift and shift’ is highly preferred, as transforming and modernizing the entire IT infrastructure has shown the best output in past projects. Clients want their migration process to be completed in the shortest time. Understanding this, Dedalus performs multiple migration processes simultaneously to speed up the overall digital transformation.

Dedalus’ competencies were highlighted in a recent case study. The client, specializing in digital payments, hosted their solution in a traditional data center. The on-premises infrastructure affected their platform’s stability and flexibility. They wanted to install new servers. Dedalus came in with a better solution and paved the way for their migration into Microsoft Azure. The client, who started small with $2000 per year of cloud consumption, is now heavily invested in the cloud and no longer depends on data centers. Their digital payment platform runs on Azure, supported by the best technologies. They are one of Microsoft’s biggest customers today.

We are the emergency room for businesses with a do-or-die need of migrating to the cloud. Our clients aren’t migrating because it is a trend. They are adopting cloud because their on-premises technology no longer supports their new business needs

Recognized as the Partner of the Year by Microsoft, Dedalus has made a significant impact in the cloud space. Microsoft chose Dedalus as it is one of the few companies that understands the challenges of cloud adoption and resolves migration problems for its customers.

Its capabilities are not limited to Azure and extend to other cloud vendors as well. It is a leading cloud computing and managed services provider for AWS. Propelled by this, Dedalus is on the path of unlocking new cloud opportunities for businesses in Latin America and helping them achieve a position at the helm of their respective business segments.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Maurício Fernandes, CEO

Dedalus is a company specializing in cloud computing and data services. It stands out in the technology market for its leadership and innovative spirit. Its purpose is to connect companies, people, and technologies, helping them explore their maximum potential