Deep Force: Democratizing Knowledge

Dr. May-chen Martin-Kuo, CTO & Co-Founder, Winston Chen, Co-Founder
It was not long ago when deep learning could only be found locked in the thick textbooks, kept deep in the library. However, with the advent of advanced computation devices and cutting-edge software, deep learning has made its way into the physical world. And yet, most industries are failing to explore its potential to the maximum. There is a chasm between the hardware and the software world that leads to subpar results of the deep learning initiatives carried out by various companies. The enterprise world today is ever hungrier to have access to quality information for informed decision making. “We are here to democratize access to intelligence,” begins Dr. May-chen Martin- Kuo, CTO, and co-founder, Deep Force.

Deep Force is a company that ties heterogeneous computing, deep learning algorithms, and signal processing to deliver comprehensive information to the users in a simple manner. The company leverages the extreme potential of modern CPUs and deep learning to develop face and object recognition technologies on devices that are second to none in the industry. Dr. May-chen highlights that there is indeed a dire need to better handle image data to reduce false positives in various business settings and environments. For example, a leaf falling off a tree can sometimes set the alarm on, triggering panic. And this is just one of the many instances that this object recognition technology can be put to use. “Our face and object recognition technology can make a huge difference in the way many industries operate. We have a team of computer vision specialists who are experts at image processing that add value to our technological prowess.” Because they optimize access to the tremendous potential of the embedded systems and streamline the deep learning algorithms and image processing, their face recognition technology works much better and faster than other solutions in the market.

We are here to democratize access to intelligence

For one, Deep Force is the culmination of the journey of Dr. May-chen and the two other co-founders, Winston Chen and Liu Liu. Coming from Embedded chip background, they had firsthand insights of where the industry was failing from the perspective of AI. With expertise and experience working in both hardware and software domains, Dr. May-chen just knew what it takes to pursue their objective of extracting information from the real world and transforming and disseminating it to the intended user.

With the success in the mobile sector, Deep Force is now aiming to revolutionize the use of technology in the education arena. The company is developing a speech analyzer to help users improve their pronunciation. With the help of the Masie Center in New York, Deep Force has gathered essential data and keywords to help users better pronounce English. Through the visuals of the user’s conversation, the platform tracks the movement of the lips which give them greater insights into how to improve their pronunciation. The solution integrates audio and visuals to provide the best advice as it provides virtual personal assistance on mobile devices to be customized to the way the owner speaks and thereby increase customer satisfaction. Communication is elemental in breaking the barriers and enterprises can leverage this product in their training program for employees whose first language is not English.

Deep Force will introduce this technology in the market for commercial use by 2019. Besides, they are also venturing into the retail, automotive, healthcare, and the robotics industry. They plan to take their inventive technology to all corners of the world, including Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Deep Force

San Diego, CA

Dr. May-chen Martin-Kuo, CTO & Co-Founder, Winston Chen, Co-Founder and Liu Liu, Co-Founder

Provides object recognition and face recognition technology powered by deep learning that helps organizations to improve their business processes or develop new applications

Deep Force