deepwatch: Redefining the Scope of Managed Security

Charlie Thomas, CEO
With the rapidly evolving global threat landscape, CISOs face significant pressure to maintain appropriate security postures. Although point solutions can help - if based on advanced AI, real-time threat detection, and adaptive risk protection - a big challenge for CISOs lies in recognizing and reducing complexity created by an ever-increasing list of solution providers.

The good news is that the power of analytics and automation has taken root and is redefining enterprise security. The typical enterprise cybersecurity program has evolved quickly and the new modern SOC is transformational. It’s much more data centric and much more automated. Best of all, it’s capital efficient and more predictive.

Enter deepwatch!

Founded in 2015, the company has been engineered from day one to allow for remote analysts, engineers, and threat hunters in support of its customers and SOCs. “One thing we noticed and changed was the fact that most MSSPs operate exclusively from physical Security Operation Centers (SOCs). Our borderless SOC model provides many benefits to our customers. Notably, we’re able to recruit and hire the most talented security team members from anywhere in the U.S.,” says Charlie Thomas, deepwatch CEO. The company has forever changed the game of SOC management with its revolutionary approach to security operations.

As an entity that embodies the new generation in SOC evolution, deepwatch delivers an innovative cloud-based SecOps platform with a highly tailored and relentless customer focus. deepwatch’s platform provides comprehensive coverage for every aspect of customers’ security operations by seamlessly integrating industry-leading as well as deepwatch’s proprietary technologies. By conducting extensive proof-of-concept evaluations, the company assesses leading security technologies based on their performance and value. deepwatch then leverages cyber defenses of the leading security incident and event management (SIEM), endpoint protection, security operations analytics & response, network detection, and other security solutions coupled with its own IP. Customers have confidence in choosing deepwatch, knowing they are proactively protected with security best practices, experts watching their networks 24/7/365, and rapid response to mitigate against active threats. Furthermore, deepwatch’s platform provides maximum flexibility to add or subtract technology solutions, based on stringent testing by deepwatch Labs. deepwatch Labs vigorously tests security technologies to ensure its customers get the best security outcomes possible.

deepwatch offers subscription pricing to its customers enabling them to scale their security investments with optimal flexibility. deepwatch has also developed a unique content distribution and management platform - Content Library, which enables it to manage, manipulate, and measure hundreds of SIEM instances at scale from a single solution in a highly automated fashion.
This platform consists of proprietary metadata, which is unique to every customer, log source, and use case and is correlated to industry standards, frameworks, and compliance regulations. This metadata, combined with deepwatch’s proprietary scoring mechanism, generates automated security posture indexing, or as the company calls it, the Maturity Model. It automatically indexes and benchmarks each customer’s overall security posture and charts a course for steady improvement. The Maturity Model score is used by customers at a board level and can be the driver of their entire security program.

As an entity that embodies the new generation in SOC evolution, deepwatch delivers an innovative cloud-based SecOps platform with a highly tailored and relentless customer focus

deepwatch works closely with customers’ incident response teams to resolve security incidents to lower MTTD and MTTR in a collaborative manner. In addition, deepwatch’s squad delivery model assigns a team of security experts to customer organizations. The analysts work directly with a close-knit team of seasoned deepwatch cyber defenders and collect significant data from engineering tickets. deepwatch also establishes a formal vetting and feedback loop to inform its R&D team and inform its innovative roadmap based on these insights. “Our customers build strong relationships with our team and closely collaborate if there is a security event,” mentions Thomas. deepwatch also has a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) made up of CISOs from industry leading companies who work closely to provide guidance on its roadmap.

Having created a very unique managed security solution, deepwatch will continue to innovate and develop ways to deliver optimal outcomes for its customers. “Our R&D team has a strong roadmap for 2020 and beyond. deepwatch’s recognition by industry analysts as the leader among an elite new generation of managed security providers is driven by our focus on customers and our world-class innovation which includes deepwatch Discover, Maturity Model 2.0, Lens, Focus platform, and Adversary Emulation,” informs Thomas. deepwatch Lens will provide clients with immediate access to the Maturity Model index on their mobile device, including advanced metrics and log source reporting. And deepwatch’s SecOps platform will leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to improve anomaly and threat detection.

Looking ahead, the company continues to grow its partner ecosystem to expand in North America, with an eye toward global expansion in 2021 and beyond.


Denver, CO

Charlie Thomas, CEO

deepwatch delivers analytics-driven managed security services by extending customers’ cybersecurity teams and proactively advancing their SecOps maturity. Powered by its unique, data-driven cloud SecOps platform, the company is trusted by leading global organizations to provide 24x7x365 managed security services. The company has forever changed the game of Security Operations Center Management with its revolutionary approach to security operations. The company’s platform provides comprehensive coverage for every aspect of customers’ security operations by seamlessly integrating industry leading and deepwatch proprietary technologies