Defense Point Security: Implementing Next-Generation Cyber Security Solutions

Josh Nacol, CIO
The security landscape is getting more complex day by day, making the notion of being secure a moving target that CISOs are endlessly pursuing. The same technologies, which transform the workplace and unleash new ways of collaboration—such as cloud computing, mobile technology and social networking—are simultaneously an executive’s biggest security nightmare. Cybercrime, increase in cost of compliance and technological advancements—together combined to cause the perfect threat storm. In order to combat these critical security issues, Defense Point Security (DPS) fulfills the security policy requirements of clients while resolving previous safety accidents. The company performs gap analysis to find solutions that fit the organization and provide on-going monitoring analysis.

Alexandria, VA, headquartered DPS provides innovative security services and solutions based on the budget and requirements of clients to ensure security in their enterprise. “With our Security Engineering and Architecture services, we interpret the needs of our customers as well as offer specific solutions, while integrating them with other products and existing infrastructure,” says Josh Nacol, CIO, Defense Point Security. “This service enables us to transform their data, such as audit logs and derive into useful and actionable dashboards, reports, and graphs.” In addition, DPS provides Information Security with facilities like information assurance, certification, and accreditation, security control assessments as well as assesses system or a group of systems while complying with security policies and directives.

Furthermore, the company offers Cyber Defense and Response services. “Our Computer Networking Defense (CND) capabilities enable organizations to monitor and analyze suspicious events and perform insider threat mitigation,” asserts Nacol. Adding to the company’s portfolio is a Managed Service offering that includes both Managed Security Operation Center (MSOC) and Virtual Security Operation Center (VSOC) offering that bring government quality security capabilities to smaller commercial entities. The company also supports cloud and As a Service offering in an IT capability while providing security operations to commercial customers.

DPS has helped its customers in several major initiatives including TIC mandate, Continuous Diagnostics& Mitigation (CDM), and Penetration Testing

DPS has helped its customers in several major initiatives including the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) mandate, Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM), and Penetration Testing. “For TIC mandate we took a critical presidential requirement for reducing the number of internet connections across federal government and helped one of our customers to translate their requirements into a very useful solution,” cites Nacol. “We figured out the required solution, worked with various vendors about entire stack of deliverables, and simplified their transition into production environment, further converting the entire stack of security controls for customers.” The company assisted its customers by performing testing, documentation, and coordination and eventually doing the first deployment.

DPS stays distinguished by the virtue of its robust research and development division, which builds content, shares threat intelligence and develops value-added services to its customers. The company prides itself with its Fellowship program and commitment to training of its employees. DPS also offers a training product called SploitNet, which enables people to learn about penetration testing, free of cost. “We’ve just released SploitNet 2.0,” adds Nacol.

For the road ahead, the company plans to expand its Managed Service offerings in both VSOC and MSOC domains. “I prefer to keep our security solutions simple, secure and value-added services,” adds Nacol. “We are 100 percent committed to help people learn and get involved with the IT Security industry while being committed to our path and remaining consistent in our work.”

Defense Point Security

Alexandria, VA

Josh Nacol, CIO and George McKenzie, CEO, Jake Groth, CTO, Dave Poole, COO

DPS harnesses innovative proprietary tools, advanced Analysis Lab, and workforce of hybrid security professionals to reduce risk and ensure compliance with cyber security services

Defense Point Security