defi SOLUTIONS: Transforming the Architecture of Lending

Keven Sticher, CIO
Speed, agility, and systems that allow lenders the ability to rapidly adapt to changing industry requirements and market demands is imperative across the financial services spectrum. Historically, loan origination and loan management software providers have taken a siloed approach to the delivery of services and have been unable to keep up with lenders’ needs for adaptability and demands for new features. This approach and the requirement of software vendors that lenders pay for costly integrations and feature enhancements resulted in unnecessary expenses and dependence on a variety of vendors to provide disparate solutions.

Set against this backdrop, defi SOLUTIONS, a SaaS-based loan origination company with a niche in the auto lending industry, has not only created a robust LOS, but also brings forth a suite of configurable solutions for lenders of all types: finance companies, banks, credit unions, and personal and business lending. Keven Sticher, CIO of defi SOLUTIONS, explains their value proposition: “We understand the importance of helping lenders at the place they are in their business lifecycle and we give them the tools that allow them the freedom to do business as they choose.”

To address the dynamic lending environment, defi SOLUTIONS has recently integrated new LOS features— auto structuring, audit configurations, and seamless data transfers between QA and production sites—and five new offerings. The new platform offerings include a loan management and servicing system (LMS), an analytics and reporting platform, a digital loan document service with e-signature, an auto loan portfolio marketplace, and a direct lending application portal.

As per Sticher, defi’s core architecture is updated frequently and allows defi customers to configure their platform to their needs, using rules and formulas according to their changing business requirements.

We give lenders the tools that allow them the freedom to do business as they choose

As a dynamic company, defi SOLUTIONS is constantly researching, reviewing strategies, and exploring technologies in anticipation of not only affecting its current scalable environment, but also driving the delivery of innovative services well into the future. Scalability is imperative to satisfying defi’s forward-thinking lenders as is the continuing innovation that enables their clients to evolve over time with market and business demands. defi SOLUTIONS’ product and business teams collaborate with the defi community of lenders and third-party data providers to remain on the forefront of innovation and help empower lenders to drive their own successes.

Describing defi SOLUTIONS, Sticher shares an anecdote wherein CIG, an established but growing automotive finance company in California, was struggling to implement another, conventional LOS system. The LOS was neither agile nor equipped to keep pace with the client’s growth and vision to be more efficient and compliant. defi SOLUTIONS helped them quickly implement its LOS platform and enabled CIG to provide useful, quality services to its dealers swiftly and consistently.

Highlighting the disruptive nature of defi SOLUTIONS, Sticher says, “We are on a path to unveil new products and are continuing our exploration of new ideas, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, and deep learning, to help ensure our clients continue to benefit from a product suite that enables a successful future of lending that leverages the best technology available.”


The Union of defi SOLUTIONS and Sagent Auto take Lending Services to the Next Level

defi SOLUTIONS-DE, LLC and Sagent Auto have signed a contract to merge with the aim of bringing innovation and scalability in lending services.

FREMONT, CA: The two leaders in auto lending technology and services, i.e. defi SOLUTIONS-DE, LLC and Sagent Auto have decided to merge. The resulting organization would be known as defi SOLUTIONS and will be uniquely positioned to offer best-in-class services and products to elevate experiences of auto lenders and consumers.
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Grapevine, TX

Keven Sticher, CIO

defi SOLUTIONS provides a highly configurable and flexible loan origination platform