Define Mobility: Secure Mobility Solutions for the BYOD Era

Jesse Singh, CEO
Today, with the Bring Your Own Device culture, the enterprise landscape is getting crowded with mobile devices and mobile-friendly applications designed to suit laptops, netbooks, tablets, and other portable devices. This poses a major challenge including security risks associated with the sharing of corporate data. Further, in 2015, it is predicted that the dependence on IT for services will grow more prominent and uncertainty regarding IT defenses and network integrity will be on every CIOs’ minds. "Corporations operating in the current age need new toolsets, processes, and policies to effectively manage and secure mobility," says Jesse Singh, CEO of Define Mobility, a California-based IT solutions provider. “Our suite of services help corporations design, implement, integrate, and manage mobility solutions," says Singh.

With a comprehensive portfolio of Professional and Managed Services, Define Mobility partners with customers and service providers to develop and deliver mobility solutions that embrace toolsets and processes for policy and device management and for the implementation of BYOD. These solutions enable current trends like the rising prominence of mobility and mobile applications, as well as the emergence of IoT solutions. “Companies are unable to effectively leverage these trends due to their lack of experience and knowledge of toolsets needed to administer, optimize and manage their mobility solutions and applications.” says Singh. “To aid such customers, Define Mobility helps assess their requirements, prioritize their initiatives, and design, plan out and implement the right solution for their needs. "Customers benefit from Define Mobility's deep knowledge and proven methodologies and practices and derive maximum value from their mobility investments. They have developed key processes and toolsets for aiding end user migrations and their adoption of new applications/EMM platforms. This reduces the time required for transitions and helps ensure 100 percent user adoption/migration. Define Mobility’s solutions drive innovations without the fear of security threats.
A fine example of Define Mobility’s expertise can be witnessed in one of their recent engagements with an Alberta-based Energy Services Company. Define Mobility was approached by the company to develop a Corporate Mobility Strategy across all its lines of business without compromising on security. In addition to developing a full mobility strategy and tactical plan in a matter of a few weeks, Define Mobility also delivered a managed Proof Of Concept (POC) to assess, test and demonstrate the fit and functionality of the preferred EMM platform chosen by the customer. They then proceeded to implement and manage all mobile devices using the new EMM platform, which resulted in a robust and secure solution that was embraced by the whole company with successful user adoption.

Define Mobility is unique and stands apart from the competition because of its flexibility and focus on delivering managed and secure mobility solutions to customers. They provide a comprehensive suite of Managed and Professional Services that help enterprise customers deliver and support innovative mobility solutions without compromising on security.

"We are technology agnostic and a proven, trusted partner for our customers. Our clients value our mobility expertise, our flexibility, and our ability to innovate and deliver world class customer service" asserts Singh. “And this has been key to our success in being a leader in the mobility space and ahead of other competitors within the market.”

For the future, Singh feels that the exponential growth in mobile applications will continue to rise. Today, the company offers Level 1 End-User Mobility Help Desk services. These support services are continuing to be evolved to include administration, support, and management of customer and technology specific mobile applications. The future of IoT will bring a fresh stock of solutions and services for mobile-enabled devices. These will continue to increase the challenges and security risks in the field of mobility. And Define Mobility is well positioned to engage on these opportunities and will be delivering innovative solutions for years to come.

Define Mobility

Toronto, Canada

Jesse Singh, CEO and Ken Gouveia, CMO

A full service IT Solutions provider focused on mobility and development of managed network solutions, in addition to consulting, security, integration and management services.