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Gordon Forsyth, Director of Marketing & Digital Brand Engagement
For most leading businesses across industries, the date has been set; the Digital 2020 vision stipulates that companies accelerate their pace toward completely digitalizing their workflows, in order to overpower competition and meet the demands of the millennial customer base. This need for transformation has made it essential, even for companies that were not involved in changes and disruptions earlier, to have digital expertise. Enabling enterprises to stay ahead in the marketplace and align with the increasing impact of digital transformation is DefinedLogic, a pioneering company that has positioned itself to be the right digital partner for both large enterprises and medium-sized businesses. With over 15 years of experience, the company supports organizations in their pursuit to build and enhance their digital capabilities.

“We have been at the forefront of helping our customers to create a digital strategy and selecting the most effective way to execute those strategies from design and development perspectives,” states Gordon Forsyth, the director of marketing and digital brand engagement at DefinedLogic. Due to its expertise at the enterprise level with some of the world’s leading brands, the company is able to offer a wide range of best-in-class digital solutions and help clients across all areas of business, including strategy, process, design, and development. Through their analytics and marketing offerings, DefinedLogic also helps its clients have a deeper understanding of their end-customers—about their behavior and how to engage with them, build brand affinity, and grow market share.

With Adobe being one of the earliest technology partners of DefinedLogic, the relationship has helped align DefinedLogic’s skill-set and their direction toward the vision. Adobe’s AEM has been one of the core tools that DefinedLogic leverages for its clients to build optimal content management systems. With its digital brand engagement practice continuing to expand, DefinedLogic has also been utilizing Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, and several other Adobe products to help its clients build their digital marketing architecture.

We have been at the forefront of helping our customers to create digital strategy and selecting the most effective way to execute those strategies

Taking an agnostic approach to assisting clients in their selection of the right CMS for their particular business, DefinedLogic has built and deployed industry-leading web content management system solutions using Adobe’s AEM. Forsyth explains about one of the projects that DefinedLogic was engaged in, for a leading university in the U.S. Northeast, where using AEM, they allowed prospective students to research on any program from anywhere around the world. The innovative program finder application enabled the university to improve engagement with and learn more about their prospective students through the website. Empowering a renowned university business school with a search optimization and content authoring framework is another example of how DefinedLogic’s approach along with industry-leading tools can lead to exceptional results.

“We work with our clients carefully through discovery, understanding the business opportunity, and defining the product strategy, all the way through development to make sure that we create the best possible digital asset for them, that will return high revenue on their investments and create business value throughout the lifecycle of the product, or asset,” adds Forsyth. Through its partnership with Adobe and understanding of its solutions, the company continues to help its clients utilize the full scope of the Adobe suite. Merging its product management experience with its technology and creative capabilities, DefinedLogic is perfectly situated to be the right technology partner for organizations, across all the digital capabilities that are required to succeed in project management.


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Gordon Forsyth, Director of Marketing & Digital Brand Engagement

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