Definity First: Making Critical Microsoft Technologies More User-friendly

Mauricio Duran, CEO
With the cosmic technology growth in the Microsoft platform, it is an undeniable possibility, or rather a challenge, that its users are “helpless” when it comes to operating and making use of their applications and services to its fullness. This has created an indispensible need for businesses to seek for “user-friendly mediators” to help them. Definity First, a Los Angeles, CA,based company claims to take up this responsibility of helping the customers to attain maximum benefit from all the Microsoft products that they have invested for.

“We love to innovate, we have technology in our DNA, and we are always ahead because we have a passion for these technologies,” says Mauricio Duran, CEO, Definity First. According to Mauricio Duran, Definity First, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, supports businesses in becoming more competitive and efficient by providing them with remarkable products and solutions. Enterprise Social Networks is one of such solutions provided to most of the companies that use MS technologies in the United States and Mexico, with a goal to change the way people communicate and interact. In order to integrate intranet, Microsoft SharePoint is being offered to those companies, along with MS Dynamics CRM to help companies be more resourceful in the areas of sales, marketing, and services.

Since the last decade, Definity First has won over a huge number of customers by building rich and high quality internet applications and other related services. In highlighting one of such case-studies, Definity First reached out and helped a healthcare provider who was faced with a challenging issue—their services were sophisticated and non-user friendly, making it difficult for the customers to find the tools and solutions.In order to simplify this, Definity First stepped out and built an extranet where customers could have all the necessary resources needed.
Hence, they could do a lot of self-study, find documents and answers in user groups, get tech-support, contact customer service, talk to the community to help people facing similar issues with all required information accessible at one place.

We love to innovate, we have technology in our DNA, and we are always ahead because we have a passion for these technologies

The stance of Definity First is been maintained by its corporate culture and business-critical web platforms for small-to-medium businesses as well as large multi-national corporations. The company stands out from its competitors as they ensure a high-quality application service and unmatched user-experience—simplifying the critical systems that the companies use internally to the same quality-level as that of the ones they use for personal life, on a daily basis.

“With the capability to provide services almost anywhere in the world, we want to continue expanding our geographic reach. With this, we want to stay on top of any innovation that is going on in the industry,” claims Duran. Definity First looks at providing challenges for their employees by giving them opportunities to work on vibrant projects; they also believe in providing all requirements at their disposal for a smooth and pleasant work-culture. According to Duran, Microsoft consulting providers should look out for opportunities through which they can serve the customers better and productive. Also, he recommends the programs provided by Microsoft, as they give the companies significant insights through which they can grow and manage their clients.

Definity First

Los Angeles, CA

Mauricio Duran, CEO

A software development firm specialized in building rich Internet applications, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft dynamic CRM