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Marketers today are in search of a technology solution that will consistently meet their demands for effectively reaching the target audience. With digital marketing constantly changing, traditional technology companies often fall short in keeping up. “This is the fundamental issue that everybody is trying to solve through a software solution,” says Neal Sharma, CEO, DEG. The digital marketing landscape, encompassing the rapidly changing social media and e-commerce elements, presents itself as a challenge for online marketers who are trying to adapt to these shifts. “Each upcoming digital trend has a profound impact on the market and the companies, and as a marketing agency, we are able to anticipate this change and apply it in a productive manner,” adds Sharma.

DEG has addressed the need to constantly evolve with the industry by placing experts in each of its broad range of digital marketing channel, which includes Email, Social Media, Mobile, E-commerce, Paid Media, Analytics and Insights, e-CRM, and Web-content Management. The company teams up with clients to create smart digital marketing, e-commerce, and collaboration strategies that give these brands a pertinent advantage over their competitors. “DEG is a customercentric company that attends to the immediate customer needs,” says Sharma. It is with this focus on the customer and meeting customers in the moment of greatest impact that DEG is able to determine what messages will resonate most effectively. The firm visualizes customer data and develops insights from that data to understand how customers behave, how campaigns perform, and how channels interact to ensure future success.

We have people who are at the cusp of anticipating change and are able to apply it in a productive manner

The rare agency able to fuse creative and technology, DEG partners with best-of-breed technology providers—including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Magento, Sitecore, and Xamarin—in each marketing channel to offer implementation, management, and strategy services that elevate these solutions.
Neal Sharma, CEO
DEG is one of the largest Salesforce Marketing Cloud partners, a two-time Partner of the Year that has conducted hundreds of Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations and executed tens of thousands of campaigns for national brands.

DEG’s mobile practice is spearheading responsive mobile designs, applications, mobile-optimized websites, and social integrations. This unique approach delivers intuitive end-user experiences by creating strategies to obtain the customer’s location and data to provide relevant search results. “Mobile has become the norm today. While people interact in different ways, this is one of the major methods,” says Sharma. DEG builds mobile apps and designs responsive websites to create a platform for its clients to seamlessly reach their customers.

DEG’s ability to tailor solutions to a marketer’s specific need is widely valued across its growing customer base. In this case, DEG integrated cross-channel strategies to bring Just Right by Purina’s customizable dog food to the market. The firm built a Magento e-commerce website that enables customers to answer a series of questions in order to match the dog with the perfect food. DEG helped Purina implement and execute an ongoing engagement strategy that will put great information in the hands of owners everywhere—everything from monthly nutrition and health-focused emails to personalized feeding recommendations delivered along with your food order.

DEG, one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, is quickly becoming a nationally recognized digital agency. “As we advance marketing in the moment, we plan to expand our services both nationally and internationally to partner with global brands to maximize the firm’s potential and connect with customers all over the world,” concludes Sharma.


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Neal Sharma, CEO

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