Delaget: Run Smarter, More Profitable Restaurants

Jason Tober, CEO
Food enthusiasts sitting in quick service restaurants like Taco Bell, KFC or IHOP are blissfully unaware of the tremendous volumes of data processed behind the scenes that govern the functioning of these entities and have a huge play in their success. As such, it’s not surprising that the Head of Operations of a franchise must collate siloed reports from a multitude of systems—Point of Sale (PoS), Back of House (BoH), video surveillance, drive-through timers, financial and bank logs, and many more, to get a complete picture of their operations. Delaget addresses this niche requirement of restaurants and franchises by offering an aggregator that gathers data from these isolated systems and finds relationships between them. Jason Tober, CEO of Delaget, summarizes the scenario in an apt manner, “As we see it, restaurants today are data rich, but intelligence poor. We are here to deliver intelligence from their data.”

Delaget’s Big Data suite for restaurants sources the data from the islandic systems; it is then cleansed, normalized, and transformed into digestible knowledge. The final package can either be consumed by Delaget Stats, the company’s reporting platform or exported to other systems from alternate vendors, in support of a “best of breed” approach. This capability is unique in that, unlike other technology providers that restrict the output of data into specific products, it enables users to choose whichever technology works best for their business. Delaget Stats gives operators a holistic view of their business from a single source so that they can take measures to improve operations and reclaim margins on a daily basis.

Delaget Guard is a loss prevention solution focused on reducing employee theft and error. The system uses algorithms that zero in on exceptions that have significant monetary impact. Traditionally, restaurant operators looking for loss had to run and cross-reference reports, interpret the data, decide if action is warranted and what action to take, and finally direct restaurant managers to address the issue.
“Delaget Guard performs the initial mundane steps and prescribes the right action to take,” explains Jason, “This solution not only prevents economic losses and reinforces a culture of honesty, but it also ties together data with video surveillance evidence against thefts, saving a lot of time otherwise spent on studying reports and videos.”

As we see it, restaurants today are data rich, but intelligence poor. We are here to deliver intelligence from their data

Delaget Coach is a performance analytics tool that compares an operator’s current performance metrics against preset thresholds, translates the economic impact of the gap, and prescribes actions to pump the numbers to the expected bar. Finally, to simplify the back-office operations of a restaurant, the company offers outsourced payroll and accounting through its Delaget Books services. By integrating and automating data from bank, payroll, accounting, and HR siloes, Delaget Books enables restaurateurs to focus on what they do best: engaging visitors and satiating the taste bud demands of their customers.

Delaget often partners with new or growing franchisees. One franchise owner of more than 150 stores was looking to execute a growth journey expected by investors but had rigid home office operations that couldn’t support the additional stores. The owner became a full-suite customer of Delaget which allowed them to move from a large office to a light, and even virtual, home office.

Delaget processes over four billion data elements for over 500 customers in 60 countries, and is experiencing an accelerative growth over the years. The restaurant industry provides ample opportunities for innovation, as Jason summarizes, “It is definitely a fun time to be in this industry and this company!”


St. Louis Park, MN

Jason Tober, CEO

Delaget helps restauranteurs run smarter, more profitable operations through advanced loss prevention, unit-level analytics, enterprise reporting, and expert accounting support