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Punit Renjen, CEO
Non-stop disruptions in the enterprise realm have organizations rethinking more than just their business procedures. They have to redefine everything that runs and operates within their workflows including relationships, data, markets, the taskforce, and more. One technological giant, Deloitte, is leading the way from the front and is aiding firms across the globe to achieve their goals by delivering result-oriented SAP solutions. Together, the two computational technology companies have enjoyed over three decades of accomplishment servicing various enterprises across a myriad of business spectrums. To further enhance the process of the digital transformation of their clients, Deloitte leverages its flagship platform, Reimagine. A computational program of ready-to-use products based on SAP Cloud Platform proficiencies—including machine learning, blockchain, and IoT.

Under the Reimagine banner, Deloitte markets three solutions—Cold Chain, Risk Sensing, and Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt (GRIR). For organizations in the supply chain industry such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and healthcare Cold Chain is the perfect answer to all their operational inefficiencies. The platform can track, record, and maintain critical environmental parameters for products that need to be transported with climate control. Users are able to track their delivery modules through engaging SAP Fiori applications and service their customers with shipments without delay. Another industry that Deloitte is in business with is the financial sector, and firms in this realm are utilizing risk sensing and analytics to attain insights about potential risks associated with erroneous manual and automatic journal transactions. The Risk Sensing Solution that Deloitte solicits utilizes core protocols as a base for analytics and commissions machine learning to expand and advance the regulations. Besides averting and controlling the possibility of these perils from occurring, Deloitte ensures clear paths for monetary GRIR clearance, the program it has in the market is mostly deployed in the energy, life science, and telecommunications arena.

Under the Reimagine banner, Deloitte markets three solutions—Cold Chain, Risk Sensing, and Goods Receipt/ Invoice Receipt (GRIR)

The offering provides real-time insights to variances in goods and invoice receipts caused due to vendor behavior patterns, and assess the situations before automatically writing off or drafting invoice patterns based on age thresholds.

One such scenario that tells about Deloitte’s resplendent success is when a large distributor of pipe, valve, and fitting materials to the energy spectrum approached the company with a request to bring all of their global operations under a common platform. To implement such a project across a wide network spread across multiple locations, Deloitte went with a pilot integration strategy hosted in a cloud environment. The entire process was based on industry-specific templates and leading processes, enabling the embedding to be completed on time and within budget. The result was that the client received seamless operations across all their regions, and improved their customer service through a digital toolset that extends from the management to floor employees.

Having raced past the competition and successfully managed the IT services for thousands of customers, Deloitte is looking forward to discovering and deploying even more advanced SAP powered solutions. Over the years, the company has grown into a powerhouse that has overseen many of its clients transform their businesses by deploying products that have improved business efficiency, and increased ROI.

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Punit Renjen, CEO

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