DeltaBahn: Increasing Business Value through Project and Portfolio Management Expertise

Project and Portfolio management (PPM) is a key enabler to manage resources, budgets, and technologies, and has emerged as a successful business strategy to improve a company’s performance. In this context, Microsoft’s PPM tools such as the Enterprise Project Management Solution with Project Online/Server and Project Automation Services are providing companies a strategy for choosing and executing projects effectively. As every business has its own unique business requirements, the skills needed to customize and configure Microsoft’s PPM solutions is posing challenges, especially for getting a quicker return on investment. Adding to the complexities are the data integration constraints and lack of visibility into the business processes.

Since 2009, DeltaBahn has been helping companies boost collaboration and project delivery success by deploying and customizing PPM toolsets in an efficient manner. Founded by the former members of Microsoft Consulting Services Enterprise Project Management Global Practice, the firm’s focus is to deliver PPM and resource management deployment services.

“DeltaBahn has matured into a go-to partner for companies looking to deploy Project Online/Server and now Project Service Automation,” says Claus Nielsen, President, DeltaBahn.

As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner focused on project and portfolio management tools, DeltaBahn provides deployment configuration services, process implementation, reporting, custom integration, infrastructure design, and post deployment support as part of its consulting services. Through its custom integration services, customers achieve additional capabilities tailored for their business requirements in their PPM environment while being able to connect to other applications using Microsoft’s open APIs, which provides easy data access.

Leveraging Microsoft Solutions Framework, DeltaBahn simplifies process implementation through well-defined phases; Envisioning (Discovery), Planning, Development, Testing, and Deploying (Training). Due to years of experience, the solution designs are planned and executed to support the customer requirements. Through user acceptance testing, these changes in the toolset are tested in the user environment for stability.
Alongside post deployment support, the company also provides customized training material for each customer depending upon their unique business requirements.

“For example, aerospace companies have a widely different approach in their project execution compared to companies in the media and entertainment industries. Our training is uniquely designed to drive the success of their individual projects. The consultants at DeltaBahn help customers in the development of the architecture and installation of cloud bases and on premise PPM toolsets,” says Brian T. Makar, DeltaBahn’s VP of Sales.

“DeltaBahn’s unique differentiator is its ability to view PPM toolset services from a business perspective rather than taking just a technical approach. We aim to map our customer’s business processes so that the solution drives ROI on their PPM investments,” says Nielsen.

Businesses across industry verticals avail DeltaBahn’s PPM expertise to address their challenges with the deployment of Microsoft’s PPM Solution. In one such instance, the company worked with a healthcare solution provider to implement Microsoft Project Online to solve its challenges with resource scheduling and manual forecasting. Furthermore, the client was looking for greater customization so it could generate reports based on various criteria for thousands of projects spanning several millions of records. Additionally, DeltaBahn’s custom-built import tool, leveraging Project Online APIs, curtailed a double entry challenge. The company also built VBA Macro while using Excel Online to deliver several customized reports. By using SQL to aggregate the data, accurate reports were delivered to the healthcare provider in time.

With the advent of MS Dynamics CRM Project Service Automation service into project management, DeltaBahn will support this product, further expanding its service offerings. Backed by its Microsoft product expertise, DeltaBahn looks forward to bring greater capabilities in PPM deployments and customization.

DeltaBahn, LLC

Richmond, TX

Claus Nielsen, President and Brian T. Makar, VP, Sales

Provides Microsoft Project Online/Server and Project Service Automation deployment services

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