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John Kamen, CEO & President
In today’s competitive environment, organizations need customized and integrated solutions, now more than ever before, to mitigate data risk and contain costs. Maintenance is no longer limited to single data systems or lone core infrastructures, as costs affect everyone—partners, clients, and regulators—in a larger data ecosystem. Firms need a new type of service-level, backed by the expertise that only years in the field can bring, to maintain hardware and maximize uptime.

Based in New York, Delta Group focuses on providing total, “follow-the-sun,” monitoring technology that directly integrates with a Network Operations Center (NOC)—forecasting adverse events, mitigating risk, and protecting data estates. “We provide full-view monitoring, amplified access points, mobile solutions, qualified technical resources, and smarter compliance tools for our clients—in what has become a true total package of competitive systems solutions,” begins John Kamen, CEO and President, Delta Group.

Recent trends in data security, and the professional safeguarding of hardware, have made migrating and storing data a mission-critical task. The firm’s Monitoring and NOC services are backed by pro-prietary technology that integrate hardware enterprise maintenance, predictive diagnostics, customized alerts, and remote access to communicate to clients, efficiently and securely. Altogether, it’s full-coverage of security to the clients, who can even monitor their data center infrastructure without expending undue internal resources or overhead. “Our services directly address hardware issues and are built to identify errors immediately even when deployed on-site,” says Kamen.

Delta Monitoring and NOC services preserve the integrity of clients’ firewalls by tightly managing remote control access without adding new vulnerabilities into their existing network. Their comprehensive monitoring is built for the most widely used platforms, critical databases, security protocols, and access tools, which include mobile devices, to keep data centers secure and within budget across any industry.

Delta also deploys highly effective on-site teams, known as Technical Account Managers (TAMs), who are full-time Delta employees and selected for their technical skills along with project management experience.

We’ve been in business for over twenty years. We’ve seen the changes in the industry. We’ve kept our clients working optimally throughout all of them

“Our TAMs are trained in client-specific technologies—following strict operating procedures, and managing customer expectations for thorough and consistent delivery,” comments Kamen. Each client is assigned a Technical Account Manager, who is highly-informed on the client-specific environment they’ll be working in. TAMs also connect and collaborate with specialists, acting as the single point of contact in the entire delivery system.

Additionally, Delta Field Service Mobile Applications allow real-time interfacing with current and future projects, along with paper trails and resolution updates. This service ensures clients a better, modern service experience—even integrating with contracts, dispatch, and logistics all in one place.

“Our goal is to be the trusted data-and hardware-counsel to all our clients; we provide flexible SLAs and handle enterprises from mid-size data centers to multi-state and national environments,” says Kamen. “We are responsive and service-driven in a new world where risks are growing, security is of greater concern, and costs are impacting bottom lines in new ways.” For one of their largest customers, Delta consolidated seven vendors into a single SLA. “We customized the solution for them with different SLAs based on their equipment and we were able to consolidate several contracts into one which, helped them save millions of dollars,” says Kamen.

Forging ahead, Delta plans to grow along with their clients and be their lead IT solution provider. The firm serves clients through their monitoring services in combination with managing spare parts, thus giving way to technology and transparency hand-in-hand.

Delta Group

Farmingdale, NY

John Kamen, CEO & President

Provides monitoring technology solution that directly integrates with the Network Operations Center (NOC) to forecast, mitigate, and protect data estates.

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