Deltadata Mandiri: Architecting Next-Gen Enterprises

Steven Law, CEO After his ten year old tenure with NetApp, when Steven Law wanted to venture off the beaten path to give form to his brainchild, one of Law’s core supporters was the modern-day authority on data, NetApp themselves. Taking cue from his years of expertise and deeming Netapp as the future of data management, Law founded Deltadata: a company that delivers NetApp's data center infrastructure solutions by leveraging software defined processes and technologies. As a gold partner and official service implementer of NetApp, Deltadata's mission is to help organizations capitalize on the new wave of digital transformation with NetApp's enterprise data management solution. The company's host of services spans storage assessment, data protection consulting, and cloud advisory to platform design services.

In a world where businesses are reinventing their operations with cloud and shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model, a prime concern for CIOs is to create more business value with less infrastructure and cost. “We believe that NetApp's next generation solutions including Oncommand Insight (OCI), a platform for hybrid cloud-based data center management and NetApp hyper converged infrastructure (HCI), a new innovative enterprise server and storage solution for private and hybrid cloud,” remarks Steven Law, CEO, Deltadata.

While there is little denying that hybrid cloud is considered critical en route to digital transformation, most of the IT environments today encompass a diverse mix of legacy systems and public and private clouds that are not designed to work together. In such a scenario, NetApp's OCI along with Deltadata’s acumen is the answer to effectively monitoring and managing a multivendor hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. NetApp OCI is an agent-less, infrastructure analytics platform that offers full visibility into a storage environment. When integrated into daily operations, the analytics platform detects vulnerabilities and risks in an environment, thereby enabling administrators to spend less time on routine troubleshooting and concentrate more on improving operational efficiency.

Fueling Storage Disruption

Deltadata leverages NetApp technology and creates a roadmap for comprehensive data protection and storage, enabling organizations to turn their data into a business accelerator. Before prescribing a solution suite, the company poses some fundamental questions to their clients pertaining to the strength of the current data protection implementations, the outcome they are trying to achieve, and the deterrents in attaining those desired outcomes.
This is followed by an assessment of storage management capabilities based on inputs and reports through which Deltadata identifies the root cause behind storage inefficiencies. To catalyze storage performance improvement, Deltadata then establishes a prioritized list of actionable recommendations such as workload reassignment and hardware enhancement. The company then implements NetApp products and ensures that the design configurations support actual workloads. These solutions not only align data protection capabilities with business goals but also lower risks and improve cost efficiency. To top it all, Deltadata generates a performance assessment report which helps in verifying whether implemented features are in line with a client's needs.

Although Deltadata's aim is to empower organizations gain greater benefits from their cloud investments, according to Law, a present-day challenge in the industry is the reservation about deploying mission-critical applications in the cloud. While enterprises look for rapid provisioning, elasticity, and on-demand advantages of cloud applications in one hand, the concerns around security and data control are forcing them to host mission-critical applications on bare-metal systems deep in the data center. “The industry is not ready to move critical workflows into the cloud, however, the vast capabilities of NetApp HCI compel businesses to relook at their decision,” remarks Law. NetApp HCI optimizes and protects data across any cloud with a unique Quality of Service (QoS) that allows the granular control of every application and information and manages risks around performance. For maximum benefit, the company provides complete market education on products to ensure that their clients receive the best services.

We believe that NetApp's next generation solutions including Oncommand Insight (OCI), and Symantec Data Insight (SDI) are fitting resources that enable businesses to do more with less

A shining exemplar of Deltadata's expertise would be when one of Japan's biggest cloud solution providers gained significant market traction with Deltadata's services. The client was facing a roadblock as their business was not reflecting the preferred return on investment (ROI). Deltadata convinced the client that an essential add-on in their offerings would be the inclusion of mission critical workflows. The sure-fire nature of Deltadata's solution was further demonstrated through a proof of concept (PoC).
Subsequent to the solution implementation, the client gained an additional 20 percent customers in no time. A key factor about the expanded client base was that all of them were premium customers who brought in a marked increase in revenue.

"We believe that quality of service is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Even though we take the longer and the more difficult pathway to success, we assure quality and customer satisfaction"

Mastering Streamlined Transition

Today, when the market is replete with endless systems integrators who claim the best of breed solutions, Deltadata's value proposition lies in their servicing. The company creates an engaging environment for their clientele right from the initial meeting to presenting demo units, PoC, and support modules that reflect on the concreteness of the company's solutions. Apart from design strategies and installation services, Deltadata also offers round the clock onsite support through role-based, certified personnel, experienced in storage technologies. Deltadata's engineers ease management load and free internal staff to attend other essential business requirements, aiding in complete project success and faster ROI. The company also carefully assesses engagement from pre-sales, ordering process, project management, all the way to use acceptance test and provides incident management services with an emphasis on rapid resolution.

Apart from top-notch services, Law is a firm believer that happy employees lead to happy customers and as such, the company supports an environment of shared learning. Employees are encouraged to participate in weekly discussions and hold training sessions for the greater benefit of their colleagues. “We believe that quality of service is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Even though we take the longer and the more difficult pathway to success, we assure quality and customer satisfaction,” adds Law.

Observing a rising demand for NetApp infrastructure, HCI, and storage, the company plans to put an edge on their services by positioning safer NetApp use and familiarizing users with advanced NetApp capabilities such as data deduplication. In the days to come, Deltadata will extend its infrastructure solutions, specifically for the energy and public sectors. Moreover, for maximum client value creation and to position themselves as the fastest growing IT solution provider, the company will focus on addressing compliance issues, developing content management features, and a pay-for-use model. As the market for data and storage management steeps in innovation with each passing day, Deltadata has their eyes set on bigger goals. “I believe that nobody can guarantee what the future looks like. The more important aspects are to scale-up the opportunities, calculate the risk involved, and run confidently forward to make way for a disruption that resonates loud and strong across the industry,” ends Law.

Deltadata Mandiri

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Steven Law, CEO

A system integrator that partners with NetApp to deliver data center infrastructure solutions by leveraging technologies like cloud and virtualization

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