Demand Solutions Group: Implementing Cloud Accelerated Solutions

Todd Fitzwater, Managing Partner
Increasingly, enterprises are relying on the cloud to not only cut their IT costs, but to gain the much-needed flexibility to escalate their business outcomes. A 2015 research study by Gartner indicates that 50 percent of enterprises will deploy cloud based solutions by 2017. However many enterprises do not possess real insights to derive benefits from cloud or the cloud strategy they need to truly transform their existing processes. For instance, many mid-tier organizations that adopt Oracle or other enterprise ERP are faced with the prospect of manually upgrading the software that can be time consuming and interrupting operations. This is causing them to look for cloud solutions that can drive enterprises to re-focus on core business enablement and help them stay current with their enterprise software such as ERPs, CRMs, and more. Addressing such a need is Demand Solutions Group (DSG) headquartered at Campbell, which offers cloud accelerated services in tight integration with NetSuite, Salesforce, and Adaptive Insights.

DSG has developed a comprehensive range of service offerings that can be used to maximize their value. The company’s Realize, Optimize and Revitalize service methodology keeps the value gap closed and steer businesses toward their end goals. “Our proven service offerings are tailored to implement best of breed cloud solutions from the likes of NetSuite to deliver value, insight and accelerate business,” delineates Todd Fitzwater, Managing Partner, Demand Solutions Group.

DSG Realize employs a heard wearing consulting methodology, strop over multitudinous successful NetSuite, Salesforce, and Adaptive Insights implementations, to fasten the business processes. For the proper functioning in the services, DSG Realize is made up of Discovery, Definition and Deployment phase. “First, we focus on the business goals and the key processes and workflows to support these goals. Then, we look at how these processes and workflows are best implemented in application,” says Fitzwater. For instance, NetSuite and Salesforce can help in a specific piece of functionality. Project Workbook, is the DSG Realize Methodology that details the project specifics, and value gaps in the solution. DSG builds a HyperCare Phase into all Realize projects to ensure that users have access to the business, product and technical support to successfully adopt their new cloud business solution.

Our proven service offerings are tailored to implement NetSuite and Salesforce solutions to deliver value, insight and accelerate business

In the Definition Phase, DSG experts excavate in detail the business process in the workshops. “During these functional workshops, we review NetSuite, Salesforce, or Adaptive Insights solution so that it meets highest priority business needs and is loaded to enable the users with the solution and give real-world feedback,” adds Fitzwater. Armed with this feedback, DSG tunes the functionality of the solution to meet business and operational needs.

In the deployment phase, the key functional, workflow and usability changes are configured into the software. DSG conducts systems and user acceptance testing, further rebuilds the solution to ensure optimum performance, flush and reload data so that necessary data integrations are in place and working successfully.

Once the DSG Realize is complete, the team will transition the day-to-day operations to the DSG Optimize team. The DSG Optimize team monitors the changing business needs, user experience knowledge and further evolving capabilities of Netsuite, Salesforce and Adaptive Insights software.

Besides its capabilities, DSG aims at ensuring customer satisfaction by incorporating new methods in their solutions and tools. “We have been serving business in high tech businesses—Manufacturing, Software, SaaS—consumer goods, and Professional Services,” says Fitzwater. DSG intends to grow exponentially and enlarge its customer base in medical devices and pharmacy and alternate energy sectors. “Our goal is to continue to grow and expand in both geographies and markets,” he concludes.

Demand Solutions Group

Campbell, CA

Todd Fitzwater, Managing Partner

Demand Solutions Group offers accelerated solutions based on ERP, CRM, and CPM applications.