Denali Advanced Integration: Tailored Methodologies For Individual Customers

Majdi Daher, Founder & CEO
In a time of economic peril, companies are always on the run for any advantage they can get their hands on to stay competitive in the marketplace. Among many other variables, this constant is always prevalent in varying business climates. Denali Advanced Integrations tackles this problem by micromanaging the products they create for their clientele, allowing them to cater to specific business needs. They offer business and Information Technology (IT) solutions in a process that starts by evaluating infrastructure, pain points, and vulnerabilities in a detailed threat analysis. From there, IT consultants begin combining essential resources that streamline complex business processes and significantly reduce expenses, allowing businesses to thrive without having to worry about the technology they use.

Denali Advanced Integration, headquartered in Redmond, WA, is a client-to-cloud organization, meaning everything they do is tailored to each of their individual customers. The company is a reseller of other major IT brands, which gives them far-reaching access to many different forms of technology. Virtualization, storage, networking, client service, print management, mobility and outsourcing are all aspects of business technology that Denali Advanced Integration offers and aims to improve. The company fulfills a distinctive role as a systems integrator that connects to its customers through creating IT that gravitates around the very specific requirements of each business they work with. Some of its customers include companies like Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Crossmark as well as health care providers such as Valley Medical Hospital.

The company has spent its time in mastering multiple facets within its two decades of business. As a founder and CEO, Majdi Daher says, “Denali Advanced Integration has products, services and offerings that supports as well as deploys IT around a retailer whether it is a tablet, phone, desktop or anything that is connected on the network to the periphery.”
Currently, it offers services that incorporate iPad into business operations, allowing companies to operate 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies. They also specialize in cloud computing, offering an excess of storage space, email, calendaring, word processing, email security/archiving and a large array of upgrades and revisions. Companies like Crossmark have used Denali’s tablet technology to collect extensive business intelligence, which has helped them keep up with everything in the field in addition to evaluating the efficiency of their presentations.

Denali Advanced Integration allows corporations to hire some of its IT consultants, helping clients to save money by outsourcing and not having to hire full-time staff. The firm presents a strong selection of senior IT professionals, enterprise-level architects, technology marketing professionals and accomplished project managers. These people aid in Denali Advanced Integration’s business solutions as well, providing customers with in-depth assessments of internal practices, current technology and staff skills. They currently run a mobile management program for which Denali Advanced Integration steps in and manages an application for the customer, analyzing what the programs do, where and how they’re being used and more.

As a company that advises and closely assists other companies, Denali Advanced Integration finds its niche and lives up to its slogan ‘Above the Rest.’ In their IT architecture services,they outline processes ands kills such asITgovernance, TCO/ROI analysis, strategy roadmap development and more. While many other system integrators limit themselves by focusing on data center or private cloud integration with the public cloud, Denali is a versatile integrator that focuses on and proactively supports both. Denali Advanced Integration not only panders to this trend, but continues to focus on its own adaptability, expanding its market beyond retailers and medical centers to the rest of the world.

Denali Advanced Integration

Redmond, WA

Majdi Daher, Founder & CEO

Denali Advanced Integration is an Information Technology service provider which is principally engaged in providing IT and business solutions.