Denim: Bridging the Digital Divide for Consumer Engagement

Gregory Bailey, CEO & Founder
As a result of legacy systems and outdated business models, many financial services and insurance companies have not been able to strike the right chord with modern digital-savvy consumers.

Is there a way to bridge this digital divide to offer technology-enabled, personalized experiences at scale? “Yes, there is!” gleams Gregory Bailey, CEO and founder of Denim. “At Denim, we develop solutions that bring together the continua of data, artificial intelligence, mobile, digital engagement platforms (including social media), and people (comprising agents and brokers),” highlights Bailey. Positioned at the nexus of these continua, Denim maximizes the existing capabilities of financial institutions and insurance companies to deliver mobile-enabled customer experiences. The company’s technology empowers marketers to deliver personalized marketing messages at the right time and reduce the time to value.

Built on the theme of ease of use, the Denim platform allows brands to scale their marketing on behalf of their distribution network, such as financial advisors and agents. Serving some of the largest insurance brands, including American National Insurance Company and Principal, the company pays close attention to the unique needs of its customers and gains insights into the problems they are aiming to tackle. The Denim team interacts with CMOs, VPs of marketing, CIOs, and other decision-makers at the customer organization to discuss strategies for bringing new possibilities in brand engagement and field marketing. The company then brings to bear its rich technology and enormous data set and aligns it with the customer’s data and systems to create custom marketing campaigns.

“We help CIOs make a lot better use of first-party data that exist within their systems,” says Bailey. Besides the first-party data, Denim harnesses more than 1 billion anonymized data points its platform has collected on consumer engagement with mobile ads powered for financial services firms. The Denim platform enables customers to build image- and video-based localized advertising campaigns via mobile, social media and other digital engagement platforms. These campaigns are aimed at targeting the right consumers, all while reducing the time to market and cost for customers.

We combine simple, intuitive technology with the world’s largest data set on consumer engagement with financial services mobile ads to bridge the digital divide between financial services companies and consumers

Shining light on Denim’s rich data repository, collated from all of the marketing campaigns, Bailey says, “We have a tremendous amount of data on how consumers engage with mobile, social, and digital experiences that Denim has enabled for its customers.” The company is leveraging this data to build the world’s most intelligent mobile marketing platform for financial services. Through Smart Campaigns, a pioneering solution to optimize mobile advertising across local markets, Denim allows its customers to launch multiple versions of a single advertisement in different local markets for agents, advisors, and franchisees. After evaluating the performance of each advertisement version over a pre-defined time period, Smart Campaigns shelves the underperforming versions in each local market and reallocates the budget to make sure that the best performing version is being delivered in every local market.

In an instance, Denim helped American National Insurance Company launch digital marketing campaigns on behalf of hundreds of its agents in their local markets. Using other solutions, this would have taken more than 40 hours of work. With Denim, it only took two minutes to complete the same task.

Denim aims to take its value proposition to the next level by enhancing the capabilities of its platform and unsheathing the power of consumer data. With a keen eye on the future, the company is focused on expanding its team and extending its footprint into international markets.


Des Moines, IA

Gregory Bailey, CEO & Founder

Denim is making marketing personal, at scale. Designed with today’s mobile and social consumers in mind, Denim’s patent-pending, data-driven platform saves time and money by enabling marketing teams to create and manage micro-targeted mobile and social media ad campaigns on behalf of local representatives