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Gregory Bailey, Founder & CEO For Gregory Bailey, the idea for Denim® had been floating around for a while; it was all about allowing himself the time for research and the right window of opportunity. During his time as the CMO of multiple financial services companies, he identified a gap in the market that demanded attention— making marketing local and personal at unlimited scale. The industry simply lacked the ability to connect with consumers through modern-day marketing channels like mobile and social, and achieve scale in the process. Marketing managers showed little initiative toward changing their quotidian fare of creating and customizing the brand message before delivering it to multiple franchisees down the retail chain. This method falls flat in time effectiveness, as it takes hours or even days to personalize and distribute a local marketing campaign for a multi-location brand. For a company that has hundreds or thousands of local service providers or agents, and a small marketing team, it can be tough, if not wholly impossible, to scale to that magnitude. Bailey took stock of the path and laid the cornerstone for Denim—a technology company that provides personalization at scale for mobile marketing—in 2015. “Within the first five months we had powered ten million advertisements for our customers, which is no small feat, considering our new team of fewer than five employees,” says Gregory Bailey, founder, and CEO, Denim.

Building the One-Person Marketing Army

Oftentimes, marketing teams that are understaffed and with limited budgets find it tough to create, execute, and manage their digital or mobile marketing campaigns. “Denim’s value drivers include the ability for a marketing manager to quickly build and launch one campaign that then leverages our technology to personalize and localize it in accordance to multiple markets and locations at significant scale,” explains Bailey.

"We have more than one billion anonymized data points in our platform, which is one of the world’s largest datasets on consumer engagement"

While developing the marketing automation platform, Denim keeps three parties in mind: the end consumer who ultimately sees the advertisement, the local service provider, and the corporate marketing manager whose time is a valuable commodity. One of the standout features that the platform demonstrates is that it is intuitive and straightforward to use. The Denim team spends equal amounts of time and energy on balancing its best-in-class user experience and design with building the extremely powerful technology that delivers outsized marketing returns for its customers. What would otherwise take a marketer 40 hours of work gets done in two minutes, thanks to Denim’s patent-pending platform.

In fact, how often does one hear this at a workplace? “This enterprise software is fun to work with!” For the team at Denim, hearing this from their Fortune 500 clients is nothing new. These are the companies that recognize that advertising and marketing have undergone a serious transformation in recent years.
For the first time in history, American consumers will come across more digital advertisements than traditional ones this year. Of the total investments dedicated to digital marketing, it is estimated that almost 80 percent will go into developing mobile advertising strategies in 2019.

It’s All Mobile Now

One of the first things that businesses are realizing is that mobile and social media marketing is no longer an add-on; instead, it forms the epicenter of most of their marketing endeavors. Being at the top of their game requires an organization to increase the “eyeballs” and capture as much attention span as possible from their target audience. Secondly, their mobile marketing strategy should be presented in such a way that it is in context with every local market they represent. This is what Denim does. Marketing managers can take advantage of the ability to develop a micro-targeted campaign, and also build their target audience.

Where other enterprise platforms may take weeks or months to onboard, our requirements are a few days or less

In addition to benefiting from the campaign builder, customers are able to use the wealth of data that Denim has on consumer and product insights. “We have more than one billion anonymized data points in our platform, which is one of the world’s largest datasets on consumer engagement, to drive our customers’ business,” adds Bailey. The performance data and insights that are based on real-time interactions help companies understand what works and what doesn’t. Denim also provisions the capacity to store the customer’s marketing assets in a media library. The details pertaining to the various locations for campaign targeting are also stored in the platform’s user management functionality. By combining the creative elements required for great mobile marketing with performance insights, along with various sources of data—be it the customer’s first-party or third-party data—Denim enables the multi-location campaigns at scale.

“Our ideal customer is any multi-location brand that wants to digitalize its marketing strategy across geographies and personalize the content for a segmented audience,” says Bailey. Some of the biggest and most well-known financial services companies in the U.S., including The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and American National Insurance Company, are among Denim’s customers. In the U.S., they serve several such multi-location financial services firms that station financial representatives in all their footprints. Recently, the company ventured into international expansion by catering to businesses in the U.K. and South Africa. At Denim, there is always room for product extensions and enhancements based on requests from customers. One such client made a request for a scalable, personalized landing page product, and the company has since launched a beta version of the product called Denim Pages™.

Bailey goes on to narrate Denim’s engagement with one of its clients, a Fortune 500 company with a network of local service providers, wherein they helped the company build campaigns that drove buyer behavior.

Using Denim Campaigns™, a marketing manager was able to build and launch a campaign and then have it personalized for each of their local service providers. Due to the personalized and local nature of the mobile advertisements that were presented, the consumers, in turn, were much more inclined to engage the ads presented via the local service provider. So much so that in a controlled series of tests, consumers were up to 250 percent more likely to engage with a personalized mobile advertisement from a local service provider than when it was presented from the same company’s brand. As a result, the Fortune 500 customer was able to boost consumer awareness, consideration, and drive buyer behavior through mobile engagement.

Continuous Engagement

It is not just the customer-centric approach and user-friendly interface that has made Denim a hit among marketing professionals; the company’s automatic onboarding allows customers to go live with the platform very quickly. “Where other enterprise platforms may take weeks or months to onboard, our requirements are a few days or less,” states Charlie Turri, CTO, Denim. He continues, “Our onboarding kit has all that a customer needs to get up and running quickly— this includes live assistance, help articles, best practices sharing, and the right path to follow for mobile and social media marketing.”

"As a part of a self-service facility, we also have a robust online help center that has an updated library of articles and videos for existing customers"

Once the platform is deployed for the marketing manager’s use, Denim doesn’t sever its relationship with the customer. At least once a quarter, the team engages with its client in a live setting to talk through any challenges they are facing and answer questions. During such meetings, they deliver what is called a Denim Quarterly Performance Report that covers the intrinsic details such as the software’s usage over that calendar quarter. It provides a productive recap and opportunity for recalibration to ensure the client gets the most out of the Denim Platform™. Customers can also utilize the Live Chat service on their website, where support representatives address and respond to their queries. “As a part of a self-service facility, we also have a robust online help center that has an updated library of articles and videos for existing customers to get their questions answered easily,” says Bailey.

Scale to Infinity and More

The company has plans to introduce future product offerings, including the Denim API™, which will integrate with and share data across other enterprise applications, including CRM and ERP. What began as a two-person squad, is now a company that is witnessing 100 percent growth in terms of its employees, and the future looks promising for Denim. To stay ahead of the game, Denim will continue to help marketing managers build, launch, and manage their digital advertising from one central location: the Denim platform.

Denim Labs® News

Denim® Welcomes Workiva and CareerBuilder Sales Leader as Head of Sales

DES MOINES, Iowa: Denim, the most intelligent mobile marketing platform for financial services companies, has hired Tim Hall as its Head of Sales. Hall joins Denim with 12 years of sales leadership experience, previously working as the sales director for financial services at Workiva and sales manager in the enterprise division of CareerBuilder.

As the head of sales at Denim, Hall will be responsible for driving Denim's rapid market expansion through building and leading a new sales team for the company. He will focus the majority of his energy on expanding sales of Denim's patent-pending platform in the U.S. financial services market. Gregory Bailey, CEO and founder of Denim, will continue leading the three year-old technology company's international expansion efforts, with support from Hall and other team members.

"Tim is a tremendously talented sales leader that will not only provide direct sales growth to Denim, but he also brings the technology industry experience and know-how to build and lead our sales organization throughout 2019 and beyond," said Bailey.

Hall spent three years at Workiva, leading the organization's financial services sales to record levels. Prior to Workiva, Hall worked for 10 years at CareerBuilder, where he led the sales team in the staffing and recruiting group and helped launch the healthcare vertical. Later, Hall led the Chicago office for the company's enterprise sales team.

"One of Denim's values is to create impact for our customers. We do this through incredible working relationships with our customers, and it all starts with a sales team that understands our customers' business challenges and opportunities," said Hall. "Additionally, I love watching people grow, both personally and professionally. I'm passionate about the strategy side of sales and I'm excited to bring Denim's sales organization to market."

"2019 will be a year in which financial services firms will accelerate their digital transformation efforts," said Bailey. "Tim is an exceptional leader who will play a significant role in shaping how financial services brands and their local advisors leverage mobile to make marketing personal, at scale. Along with the entire Denim team, I am thrilled to welcome Tim aboard."

Denim® Launches First-Ever Solution for Automatically Optimizing Mobile Advertising across Local Markets

DES MOINES, Iowa: Denim®, the most intelligent mobile marketing platform for financial services, announced the launch of Smart Campaigns, the first solution for automatically testing and optimizing mobile advertising across local markets.

With the launch of a single ad campaign through the Denim platform, Denim's customers now have the capability to test campaign variables, such as audiences or creative elements, in a highly personalized way. The proprietary Smart Campaigns algorithm examines performance across any number of local markets and automatically reallocates the budget to the top performer in each location.

"Smart Campaigns is Denim's take on A/B testing, but far better," said Charlie Turri, Denim's CTO. "The notion of testing two versions of an ad is no longer enough for high-performing marketers who need to drive results in local markets at scale. No one has ever done this before. We believe Smart Campaigns will transform how our customers market."

The result? Increased personalization, a bigger payoff from ad spend, and fuel for the organization's mobile ad strategy.

"Smart Campaigns is a truly revolutionary product," said Christy Morgan, a digital marketing specialist at American National Insurance Company. "I'm assured my advertising dollars are spent on the best performing campaign, in each local market. It even handles budget reallocation, which saves me more time. The Denim platform has always allowed us to conduct mobile advertising at amazing scale. Now, with Smart Campaigns, we achieve even better scale with stronger results."

"Marketers have long used A/B testing to take the guesswork out of what they do," added Gregory Bailey, CEO and founder of Denim. "Smart Campaigns takes A/B testing to an entirely new level. With automatic optimization and budget reallocation, our customers can sit back and relax, knowing their advertising dollars are going to the top-performing ads in each and every market."

As part of the Smart Campaigns launch, Denim has enhanced its Insights product — where customers can view, analyze, and share data analytics on campaign performance — to provide at-a-glance updates on campaign results. In addition, a move to GraphQL better positions Denim's technology for the future.

"The addition of Smart Campaigns to the Denim platform added a lot more information to keep track of, so we needed a way to access data more efficiently," Turri said. "GraphQL dramatically simplifies the way the Denim platform accesses data by allowing us to programmatically ask for exactly what is needed. As a result, our architecture is cleaner, and we will be able to build products even faster."

With the introduction of Smart Campaigns, and with more data on consumer engagement with financial services-related mobile ads than anyone, Denim is in an extremely strong position to help financial services firms experience significantly improved mobile advertising results. Interested organizations are invited to learn more and sign up for a demo at

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Gregory Bailey, Founder & CEO and Charlie Turri, CTO

Designed with today’s mobile consumers in mind, Denim’s patent-pending, data-driven platform saves time and money by enabling marketers to create and manage micro-targeted mobile ad campaigns for their brand and their local service providers, at scale

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