Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting: Easing IT Services with Cloud Migration

Denny Cherry, Owner & Principal Consultant
A clear shift toward technology over the last two decades has forced both small and large businesses to evaluate the effectiveness and cost model of operations. Across multiple industries, the need for transparent, efficient, technology-based solutions has come full circle, leaving many C-level leaders questioning their options for the best-fit partnership. In a sea of potential resources, a handful of firms stand out as true allies in providing top of the line cloud-based services.

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting (DCAC) infuses a breadth of knowledge of tech-based solutions with the firm’s strong partnership with Microsoft Azure to provide seamless transitions from on-premise IT service to cloud-hosted operations. DCAC Founder and Principal Consultant, Denny Cherry, explains, “One of the biggest challenges facing C-level individuals is understanding the cost benefits of transitioning to cloud-based IT.” Instead of spending a tremendous amount of capital on hardware, which requires ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement, Cherry and his team work with organizations to implement the financial advantages of cloud services without disrupting business operations.

Started as a single-person operation in 2012, DCAC is now providing cloud-based migration services to a variety of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. The firm has been able to sustain its momentous growth given its stamp of approval as a Microsoft Azure Gold partner. Cherry states, “The Gold Partner status means we are experts in the space, and clients know it. Our relationship with the Azure product team provides us direct-in access if there is an issue or if changes need to be made.” DCAC consultants have the ability to expertly design and implement a transition to an off-site IT solution, all with the client’s cost and disruption concerns in mind.

The partnership with Microsoft Azure is not the only factor helping DCAC stand out in the cloud-based IT services space.

The most interesting update we have released with Azure is the split files functionality

The firm’s unique service offering lends a significant hand as well. Cherry explains, “The most interesting update we have released with Azure is the split files functionality.” In moving to a cloud-based solution, companies have the ability to break down large export files into smaller bits, allowing the data warehouse to ingest the information faster. Not only does the split file functionality speed up the performance of loading data, it makes the data loads far easier to use. Additionally, consultants with DCAC make disaster recovery a part of every design. The forethought necessary to protect business operations and the unique functionalities of Azure come together with DCAC’s expert understanding of the platform to create invaluable cost savings for clients in both the immediate and long-term.

Cherry highlights a recent success story involving these benefits. The client came to DCAC with a pressing need for performance enhancements and scale out options to perfect its business operations moving forward. The best-fit solution was a software platform not yet released, but given DCAC’s long-standing relationship with Microsoft, Cherry and his team were able to give access to the client as an early adopter. Through the implementation of the advance release, the client was able to secure improvements in their processes, ultimately resulting in cutting down the workload timeline from five days to 2.5 hours.

Looking ahead, Cherry and his team have a strong desire to grow. Cherry states, “Our short- and long-term goals are one in the same: to keep doing excellent work for our customers and moving forward with technology enhancements for their specific needs.”

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

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Denny Cherry, Owner & Principal Consultant

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