DenwaIP: Pathway to Optimized Communication

Diego Ghione, CEO
The shift from ‘old school’ legacy communication solutions like email and corporate intranets to newer and mobile friendly tools are invigorating the demand for Unified Communications (UC) in the workplace. For an ever-connected environment, Skype and other low-cost or free voice calls made via internet are becoming common. A unified platform that integrates all communication methods, as well as documents and other data into one interface is the need of buoyant businesses. This portrays a noticeable evolution in the communication landscape, which Diego Ghione, CEO, DenwaIP emphasizes for success, “Day by day, and race by race, evolution is a must in every field, whether it is sports or business.” As an ardent motorsports enthusiast, Ghione has followed this strategy of continuous transformation to successfully lead DenwaIP through major progression in the UC arena. In a nutshell, DenwaIP—a developer of unified communications solutions, IP PBX and Softswitch packets enabling integration and applications—designs and delivers the essential technology to optimize communications over internet and cloud environment.

DenwaIP started its journey by stepping into the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) landscape in 1999, when its team deployed VoIP solutions for NASA. “Thereafter, we moved a step ahead by entering the Softswitch space—for Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies,” says Ghione. While working in the Softswitch environment, the team at DenwaIP gained in-depth knowledge on the increasing network traffic, and made a major breakthrough in resolving the issue by incorporating unified communication platform in a cloud environment. Ghione elucidates that currently, most of the Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) requirements come from big organizations. “At DenwaIP, our aim is to enlighten the small and medium firms to understand and apply UC&C solutions and benefit from the next generation communications network,” says Ghione.

Cloud Powered Communication

The company has adopted hybrid cloud solution for UC, which is a combination of on-premises and cloud for solving the network challenges. Though Denwa’s IP PBX and UC&C solutions are designed to function within the hybrid environment, the company also solves the challenges of on-premise facilities, by reaping the benefits of High Availability (HA) systems across cloud. “Customers have the option to select our UC&C products either, on-premises, cloud or hybrid,” says Ghione.

Denwa’s entire range of UC&C functions come in a standard pack, making it easy-to-use for sellers as well as buyers. Along with easy management capabilities, Denwa offers security solutions that include auditing, firewall protection, and Session Border Controller (SBC). Denwa ensures integration of databases and external systems, simplifying communication within the enterprise ecosystem. “Our automatic update system for maintaining new features without manual procedures ensures zero technological obsolescence and uninterrupted integration of communications to optimize business processes,” cites Ghione.

Denwa is currently working in a myriad of industries, including government, retail, banks, medicine, hospitality, contact center, and mobile operators.

Our aim is to enlighten the small and medium firms to understand and apply UC&C solutions and benefit from the next generation communications network

During its numerous operations, Denwa has worked with the Governments of Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico. The company’s UC&C solutions assist state and local governments to improve their internal communications with its stakeholders, which results in savings of telecommunications services. In the banking sector, customers can contact bank’s representatives and have face to face interaction from anywhere, at anytime. Denwa provides advanced communications solutions for hotels to improve customer service, boost productivity from reception to the rooms of customers.

Accelerating Uninterrupted Connectivity

A key differentiator in Denwa’s implementation methodology, is its special team, which keeps a track of the advancements in the market and enhances its solutions, with the sole purpose of working toward monitoring its products and mapping the future. “Our special team works closely with our customers, providing post implementation support to help them quickly benefit from the projects, while at the same time, learning from the feedbacks, to improve on the customization techniques,” asserts Ghione.

The firm is moving up the growth trajectory with the aim to establish cloud-based UC&C worldwide with local POPs—point at which two or more different networks or communication devices build a connection with each other. “We are focusing and designing more solutions in the areas of security, IoT, and mobility, to optimize communications,” states Ghione. “We are forging our capabilities to integrate UC&C ecosystems into organizations’ CRM, ERP, and security infrastructure.” Observing today’s surge in WebRTC solutions like Click2call in the market, the company has included Denwa Meeting for small number of users or webinars, as part of its WebRTC portfolio.

Working in the UC arena for than a decade, Denwa has successfully accomplished its goal of introducing IP PBX and UC for small and medium businesses. “Our most significant accomplishments are the Cloud and Soho—new telephone exchange technology designed for micro-entrepreneurs and small business organizations. Alongside, the company has also paved a path for its enterprise solutions and contact center services. With powerful solutions in its arsenal, Denwa innovation lab is currently working on UC&C solutions keeping in mind the new generation of end users. “Our goal is to create applications and solutions for the emerging next generation networks,” concludes Ghione.


Miami, FL

Diego Ghione, CEO

Designs and develops products to optimize communications over internet and cloud environment