DesignMind: Connecting the IT Dots with .NET

Mark Ginnebaugh, CEO
The impact of shifts in the IT side of businesses resulting from the technological changes is allegorical to the tectonic movements that cause earthquakes. Companies today, rely on their IT solutions to generate higher revenue as well as decrease cost. To help enterprises align their IT goals with business objectives, DesignMind a software solution provider, assists them to choose the right technology to develop strategic applications. DesignMind identifies the technology needs that reduce software development time and produce quality, reliable, and scalable applications. The company’s team of developers delivers powerful web and mobile solutions through .NET development platform, to help customers counter modern day IT challenges.

“We help business owners and leaders understand how to leverage technology to gain competitive advantage and drive business success,” quotes Mark Ginnebaugh, CEO, DesignMind. Headquartered at San Francisco, CA, Design Mind has established a name for itself as one of the leading technology consulting firms for its software, database, and business intelligence professionals. The company’s expert team delivers high quality custom software, websites, portals, collaboration platforms, database applications, business intelligence platform, and Big Data solutions.

The DesignMind’s team ensures active participation in community events and MS events to keep updated of the trends in the MS.NET space. The company’s .NET team specializes in Analysis, Architecture Design, Project Management, Application Development Projects (full life cycle), Mentoring, and Technical Staffing. DesignMind’s developers consistently achieve a linear cost-per-transaction model by using .NET technology and help companies to establish cost predictability through their systems.

The firm also provides technology strategies for clients to best meet their current and future IT needs, with evolving technology trends ranging from ASP, .NET, MVC to unification of next generation of applications, rise of cloud-based solutions, and XML Web services with .NET. Software applications are developed on the identification of business goals cascaded the DesignMind developers to introduce newer applications and frameworks. Additionally, the developers consider various aspects such as software stability, security, support, and ROI for the clients while introducing new technologies.

DesignMind’s .NET team specializes in analysis, architecture design, project management, application development projects, mentoring, and technical staffing

DesignMind developers work on .NET framework to design robust and reliable business applications through desktop, mobile phones, and cloud. Integrating .Net has helped developers to build a suite of applications, with different physical and conceptual architectures, availability requirements, and resources required by IT departments.

Many customers have witnessed incremental enhancements in their business by deploying the solutions and services offered by DesignMind. In one instance, YottaMark, a security code creator for leading companies in the fresh produce, pharmaceutical, electronics, and consumer packaged goods industry needed assistance in software development, as they architected and built their traceability and authentication solutions. DesignMind provided software architecture and development services, helping YottaMark leverage the strengths of .NET. The .Net and DesignMind’s combination provided the customer with the technology they needed for product authentication and unit level traceability.

Today, there is no paucity of software solution providers; however, their implementation and on boarding process is time and cost consuming. DesignMind's goal is to provide both individual and business users with a seamless, interoperable web-enabled interface for applications, and computing devices and to make computing activities increasingly web browser-oriented. “Information-enabled companies, fueled by a deep understanding of their data, outperform their competitors by a wide margin,” says Ginnebaugh. The company is set to forge forward with its continued focus in capacitating customers to address IT and software needs to achieve end-objectives.


San Francisco, CA

Mark Ginnebaugh, CEO

Provider of software, web, mobile, and Big data solutions