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Aurimas Adomavicius, President
Though banking has historically been an industry where personalization did not play a major role, the industry is now fully aware of the importance and penetration of mobile technologies. They are readily building platforms that not only allow customers to engage with the bank, but also for the bank to reach out to the customers. Devbridge Group, an international software design and development company that accelerates digital product delivery to market for enterprise organizations, helps regulated financial services industries to facilitate exceptional user experience while architecting web applications. “We offer a connected system that can be built on top of the relationship that a customer has with a bank and actually engage the customer with meaningful, insightful content, creating brand loyalty,” says Aurimas Adomavicius, President, Devbridge Group.

Apart from alleviating the mediocrity of the IT industry, Devbridge was founded with an aim to modernize the common stereotypes in the banking sector. “With the increasing activity in IoT—developing smart, connected devices to engage customers and draw data-driven insight—we see very wide adoption of devices, from smartphones, to tablets, and desktops in the banking sector. Banks are thus rushing to redesign their online banking experience to cater to customers,” explains Aurimas. Devbridge’s solutions focus on Responsive Web Design (RWD) for online banking, wealth management portals, and internal compliance platforms. The design creates user interfaces that work across a variety of these devices.

The company uses a signature metrics driven process to design and build digital products. “To support our transparent process, we have designed and built our PowerUp mobile application,” says Aurimas. PowerUp offers insights like financial status, team activity, and timesheet details regarding a project. “From a comprehensive list of team members to the number of project-hours worked, the PowerUp app gives a thirty-thousand foot view of all the projects with Devbridge, including detailed time entry logs for each of the team members,” he adds.

“We have a 90 percent guaranteed delivery on large, complex digital projects, which is something that is very challenging to accomplish for an enterprise internally,” says Aurimas.
For instance, Devbridge has been implementing a custom Devbridge intranet product for one of their clients, a large, international bank. Historically intranets are rather bland—monotonous platforms for archiving policy, files, and so on. “We saw an opportunity to build a platform that promotes employee engagement within the bank—from tellers, to bankers, and leadership, being able to participate, share opinions, and spread the organizational message,” explains Aurimas. Traditionally, intranets were also web-based, reactive platforms—the employee has to come to the intranet and consume information. As Devbridge’s product spans from web, mobile, to smart TVs, employee applications, and more, it allows the bank to reach out to the employee through push notifications on the employee application and have a conversation.

In another instance, The Art Institute of Chicago approached Devbridge to expand the overall experience of visiting and touring the institute. “We set out to make registration intuitive, increase conversions, and simplify management of already-registered students and teachers,” says Aurimas. With their comprehensive scheduling system, Devbridge provided an administration panel that grants a system administrator the power to manage tours, lunchrooms and patrons, all from one place. The system also created custom reports, giving the Art Institute administrators the right amount of actionable data so they can monitor and forecast for the future.

To support our transparent process, we have designed and built our PowerUp mobile application

“Responsible growth is our core focus for the next several years. We are projecting a growth to over 260 employees by 2016. We are also putting focus on evolving Devbridge products to support mission critical initiatives at our financial services clients. These products include the Intranet platform, PowerUp, and more,” concludes Aurimas.

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Aurimas Adomavicius, President

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