DeviceLock: Robust Endpoint Data Leak Prevention Solutions

David Matthiesen, Director of Sales–Strategic Accounts- U.S.
The continuously changing business culture and the increasing number of mobile devices that connect to enterprise networks are imposing new demands on the way organizations approach network security. “Millions of dollars are spent every year on networks by companies in order to prevent data breaches, but still the problems exist since the primary source of many data breaches, the endpoint, is not adequately addressed,” begins David Matthiesen, Director of Sales, DeviceLock. DeviceLock, a San Ramon, CA based company focuses on providing data leak prevention software to secure endpoints. The company’s solutions empower network administrators to set and enforce policies for how, when, where, what content, and by whom data can or can’t be moved to.

The company provides a robust Endpoint Data Leak Prevention (DLP) suite, which evolved from their highly sought after USB port control product. The full content and network protocol aware DLP solution fits right into any organization’s network environment. “We do this through our direct integration into Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy. Our architecture is lean, requires no additional hardware, is eminently scalable, and is very easy for Windows MCSE’s to deploy, maintain, and manage due to their familiarity with the native AD and group policy management tools,” says Matthiesen. DeviceLock DLP provides both contextual and content-based controls for maximum data leak prevention at a reasonable upfront cost as well as for the lowest total cost of ownership in its category. “With DeviceLock, security administrators can match user rights to job function with regard to transferring and otherwise handling data on managed computers and accessible network storage,” he adds.

DeviceLock also keeps a close eye on virtualization technologies delivering Windows and Macintosh OS’s as VDI, DaaS, or BYOD projects. “Our Virtual DLP recommendation for how to use DeviceLock on hosted virtualized systems to solve customer data security challenges is a well thought out and deliverable strategy versus relying solely upon limited device-based MDM solutions,” claims Matthiesen.

DeviceLock is one of the few remaining pure-play DLP specialists for the endpoint DLP category, and yet it integrates with many top commercial and open source encryption technologies.
Momenta Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company, was requiring a top notch endpoint port-device control solution that would adhere to a mandated encryption policy for all data that was allowed to go out to removable media per Massachusetts law. The company chose two types of encryption solutions from different vendors, and then asked DeviceLock to manage all of it. Being agnostic towards detecting and integrating with different encryption solutions, DeviceLock could bring all of Momenta’s best-of-breed solutions together in a 1+1+1 = 5 synergistic security collaboration. With DeviceLock performing its leading port-device control for their endpoint peripherals, it isolated white listed user assignments for the specific hardware-encrypted drives while ensuring that all other removable drives that could receive data were verified as being software-encrypted with the other chosen technology before the data was transferred.

DeviceLock further differentiates itself by its unique combination of contextual security controls and content-filtering rules. DeviceLock’s solution manages and delivers content-aware and network-aware Data Leak Prevention security to endpoints natively via ‘out-of-the-box’ Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy Objects. “In short our solutions can be summed up in a short string of adjectives: better, deeper, broader, lighter, easier, and cheaper, as compared to others,” asserts Matthiesen.

Our Virtual DLP recommendation for how to use DeviceLock on hosted virtualized systems to solve customer data security challenges is a well thought out and deliverable strategy

Moving forward, with the recent release of an eDiscovery module for Data-At-Rest DLP search and remediation, DeviceLock aims to keep innovation as a priority. The company also plans for feature enhancements of the Endpoint DLP Suite in the areas of virtualized OS security for VDI, DaaS and mobile BYOD to extend their leadership in Virtual DLP.


San Ramon, CA

David Matthiesen, Director of Sales–Strategic Accounts- U.S.

Provides software for data leak prevention of ‘data-in-motion’, ‘data-in-use’ and ‘data-at-rest’ in traditional Windows/Mac environments, BYOD scenarios and for Cloud-enabled enterprises