DevSpark: Delivering Hybrid-Flexibility to Software Development & Product Design for M&E

Thus far, the media industry has adapted to almost all of the dynamic changes brought about by today’s technology-laden environment. However, service providers were not meeting the sector's desire to engage in agile staff augmentation, nor were they offering adequate alternatives to rising operational costs. That paradigm shifted when DevSpark, a NY based software development company, came into the picture. DevSpark has created an environment that revolves around agile software development, which reduces management overhead while promoting collaboration and rapid turnaround time. By providing a cutting-edge offshore dev team, DevSpark delivers the solution to the industry’s struggle to recruit and retain engineering talent with ad¬equate M&E domain knowledge, which often results in a slow ramp up of projects.

DevSpark's wide range of service offerings around product management, user experience and application development assist companies in avoiding unwanted delays and low-quality deliverables. DevSpark has a strong track record of successful projects that include building a publisher data portal for a video ad network, a smart watch DVR controller for a top MVNO and designing and enabling a solution to manage 100+ APIs for a global consumer brand in a short period of time. Furthermore, the company trains talent in the newest web and mobile languages and frameworks such as node.js and Angular.js, in addition to established technologies such as Java and .NET.

We provide design and development solutions using cutting-edge technologies and the flexibility of a hybrid onshore, on-site, nearshore staffing model to deliver exceptional software products at scale and on time

DevSpark’s application development services have helped companies rapidly scale their operations. DevSpark provides high-quality engineering teams collaborating in real time to augment their clients’ development efforts. "Our flexible delivery model is one of our most
CIO VendorChris Cali, Co-founder & CEO
important value offerings. By staffing projects both in the U.S. and our nearshore delivery centers, we can provide the best talent possible, in similar time zones while managing our clients’ budgets," says Chris Cali, Co-founder and CEO, DevSpark.

DevSpark also provides product management services with expertise across product strategy, requirements gathering, user experience and software design. The company’s DevOps and Support services ensure the technical performance of products while monitoring applications for outage and responsiveness around the clock. "We design and develop systems for continuous integration, automated release and monitoring using our rigorously developed best practices" says Cali.

For instance, one of DevSpark’s clients is a global consulting firm working for a top movie studio with a custom workflow solution that stores, retrieves, processes and delivers digital movie and television show assets. The studio requested an integration of a GPU-based transcoding solution in the supply chain. However, the workflow solution was not originally designed to integrate with multiple transcoding providers. The DevSpark team of media technologists architected and modified the workflow solution to support multiple transcoders. The company enabled integration of the new transcoding solution on top of the existing Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Business Process Management (BPM) systems on which the solution was originally built.

"The cloud delivery channel is one of the major technology areas that we focus on. Our skill-sets derived from our previous experiences with Amazon Web Services, developing a web transcoding system in the cloud, are extremely strong," says Cali. DevSpark is constantly expanding their services into offerings that are adjacent to application development and add value to customers. “We depend on the knowledge and flexibility of our staff and will continue to invest in our technical and industry knowledge-base," concludes Cali.


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Chris Cali, Co-founder & CEO

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