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“It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.” This quote by Oscar Wilde humorously highlights the ever-growing volume of actionable data and makes a subtle message about how data can be overwhelming or misused.

By leveraging information in the right contexts, using approaches such as data visualization, organizations or governments can bolster decision-making capabilities. However, when not well understood or presented, data can be misleading. In addition, data that contains personal information is not always easy to manage and can be used inappropriately in some parts of the world.

“There are many sophisticated issues involved in data gathering, because information is very sensitive. In working with health supply chains in Nigeria, for instance, there is the stigmatization of people associated with HIV and for those who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. In developing country health supply chains, issues of data privacy are acute,” says Rafael Romeu, Ph.D., CEO of DevTech. His statement highlights technological challenges organizations face in their data management objectives and the associated socio-economic issues of concerns.

So, how would one go about managing and analysing the right information in a manner that is effective and satisfies privacy concerns to persons providing the data? With a legacy that began in 1984, DevTech Systems has some solutions.

Based in Arlington, Virginia, DevTech Systems is an international consulting firm that applies economics and decisionsciences expertise to international development problems and public policy challenges in the US. The company was founded by a group of doctorate level economists to address complex challenges and decision making in economic policy and health supply chain management, including the utilization and adoption of research and technology. DevTech offers comprehensive data management services and visualization in support of fiscal sustainability and health supply chain management.

“Our visualization and analytics services revolve around understanding an organization’s underlying data generation processes and how they optimize their business or policy framework to make the best decisions,” explains CEO Romeu. The company then develops causal inference models via assessments of the underlying data generating process, to identify and develop a nested data model that would support an organizations workflow.
In its choice of software, DevTechis agnostic and has worked with all major products and platforms such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, or MicroStrategy, as well as analytical tools such as SAS, Stata, Eviews, Python or R. DevTech’s data science experts then leverage their findings to support a full-blown development project. DevTech’s work has proved to be extremely valuable for public sector clients in their knowledge management and fiscal sustainability functions.For instance, following the bankruptcy and economic crises of Puerto Rico in 2016, DevTech successfully developed and deployed a data-driven modelling solution similar to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program surveillance.

Our visualization and analytics revolve around understanding an organization’s underlying data generation processes and how they optimize their business or policy framework to make the best decisions

Romeu and his team provided macroeconomic and fiscal forecasting solutions to the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority (FAFAA), among a list of other services. Since 2016, the company has supported the government of Puerto Rico to navigate the impact of subsequent natural disasters and coronavirus pandemic shocks, amid their debt restructuring efforts.

With over 35 years of experience and extensive repositories of economic data, DevTech is a leader in information management. The company continues to bolster its capabilities by utilizing modern IT in innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, particularly in areas such as health supply chain and public sector sustainability. To date, DevTech has implemented over 400 projects in 101 countries.

DevTech Systems

Arlington, VA

Rafael Romeu, Ph.D., President and CEO

Based out of Arlington, VA, DevTech Systems is an international consulting firm that, as aptly put in its nomenclature, focuses on development. The company was founded by a group of economists—each with their own respective Ph.D.s—that sought to address complex development challenges with thorough research, innovation, and practical application of technology. With that ethos in mind, DevTech offers the most comprehensive data services that cover monitoring and evaluation (M&E), knowledge management, data analytics, and fiscal sustainability for the public sector. It also supports urban and local governments across the globe with security and privacy services.

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