DEX Systems: Service Life Cycle Management Software that Enhances Oracle EBS to provide increased co

CIO VendorChip Dickinson, President & CIO
Organizations are constantly on a look out for Financial Planning and Analysis services and software solutions that helps them to proactively spot trends, accurately determine total service supply chain costs and revenue, and realistically assess potential threats to customer satisfaction. DEX Systems was founded in 2005, on the principle that supply-chain logistics services could be accomplished more consistently and efficiently with software that enforces repeatable processes and procedures. This foundation has been translated into DEX Systems’ business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

“DEX Systems provides many financial and supply chain management solutions that addresses the lack of real time financial information on materials and labor, clear reporting and understanding of operational and financial impact to the top and bottom line and lack of 360 degree view of multiple detail levels within the organization,” says Chip Dickinson, President of DEX Systems. “Our solutions are configurable and supports optimal business processes,” he adds. With more than 25 years of experience in information systems, programming, and project management, Dickinson is providing high level architecture guidance and mentoring, leading various corporate development and business strategy initiatives within DEX Systems.

DEX Systems offers design and consulting services that includes Business Process Consulting and Oracle EBS Solutions. The company also has infrastructure and web-based services and software solutions for various verticals within the corporate sector including Financial Management, Warehouse Management (WMS), Order Management (OMS), Procurement Solutions and Service Lifecycle Management. Through the years, many complex business issues have been resolved through the implementation of DEX Systems solutions, which have resulted in significantly increased operational efficiency
and automated processes that provide greater visibility to achieve maximum financial performance. “DEX Systems is an expert in supply chain and service management business processes as well as in transforming Oracle’s E-Business suite to meet business requirements. Notably, DEX Systems has been named an Oracle Business Process Partner due to our business process expertise,” asserts Dickinson.

DEX Systems differentiates itself from others with more than 30 years of operational experience built into their software design and solution expertise. The company’s Service Life Cycle Management Software was designed, developed, tested, and implemented two decades ago for a 30-year-old technical services company. Since that initial implementation the solution has been continuously enhanced, expanded, and refined. Today, it boosts productivity, trims costs, increases profitability and creates a competitive advantage for many Fortune 500 companies across various verticals including, third party logistics, retail, telecom, consumer electronics and semiconductor manufactures.

A Fortune 500 logistics provider used DEX Systems to improve profits in its logistics operations by $340k annually. DEX Systems was able to reduce labor costs by 45 percent and material costs by 11 percent by implementing its supply chain management software that delivered visibility and control over supply chain business processes. The customizable, Oracle-based application software delivered Real Time Financial Planning tools to improve inventory management and operational efficiencies, resulting in increased profitability in a competitive environment.

DEX Systems is rapidly expanding, constantly reviewing and refining their solutions to provide increased software performance and customer satisfaction levels. For 2014 the company plans to provide users with greater mobility, operational and financial management tools by integrating DEX Systems Software to mobile applications. This key strategy will make way for the movement to mobile Service Life Cycle Management Systems and will improve current solutions to deliver the best customer experience to DEX Systems’ current user base.

DEX Systems

Camarillo, CA

Chip Dickinson, President & CIO

DEX Systems provides configurable logistics software solutions that are proven to yield lower operational costs, streamline internal processes, and derive more value from inventory assets of supplychain service companies.